Patchwork, Patchwork, Everywhere: Part II

Posted Fri, Sep 24 2010 11:27 AM by Mary Fons

I found another one!

Perusing a stack of cooking magazines this morning at my mom's house, I came upon another instance of a patchwork pattern in an unlikely place. In the January 2010 issue of Food & Wine, Top Chef judge Gail Simmons is wearing an apron printed with a zillion little triangle units. I think there's a four-patch in there somewhere, but it's hard to find the block. 

Here's a detail:

And here's Gail's perky little face in a wider shot. I didn't like her when I first started watching Top Chef, but she's growing on me. If she keeps going for the homespun, patchworky look, I'll like her even more.