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Sewing Studio ready to stock with quilting "stuff"

We only have pictures left to hang upstairs!! Yea! That in itself will be a project, but a fun one. But, we've been in the house nearly 2 weeks now, and I'm getting desperate to move into the sewing studio. The house has a 1100 sq ft finished basement plus a 20' x 28' unfinished workshop for the DH. The basement has a decent office space that the DH has appropriated, a half bath, and my 21' x 24' studio!! OMG. I just came out of an apartment where I had a whopping 6' x 8' designated area. If I wanted to have the cutting table and the sewing machine set up at the same time, I had to move the dining table into the living room. Anyway - the studio space is a bit overwhelming. My friend Sandy came over to help arrange furniture. She always has great ideas. Here are the results. Use the little black heater to orient yourself in the room.

  The Sewing Workstation. There's a handy ironing board under the window. The make-shift window treatment is an unfinished quilt we taped over the window to keep out the single-digit nighttime lows. Come springtime, it will be converted to a real window treatment. There will be extra shelving in the closet for bolts of fabric and other things too fearsome to mention.

   Across from the sewing workstation is the so-called cutting station. The cabinet will store project boxes and who knows what. And my elementary school student desk will become the "entertainment center", supporting my mp3 player and speakers, and someday maybe a tv. Notice the fancy mounting technique we used on the quilt covering the back door. We even had to put painters' tape over the hinges to keep the frigid air out. I think there is a storm door in our future.

   Picture a long-dreamed-of longarm on the back wall. I'll orient it so that the front of the machine faces the wall. Being from Oklahoma, I have to position myself with my back to the wall so I can see the gunslingers coming into the saloon.

Now the fun begins!



Jenia said:

wow, how wonderful for you.  That's a spectacular space for quilting.   It makes me envious to have a room of my own instead of just toting stuff around from one place to another.

# February 3, 2014 5:15 PM

Lisa Clark said:

That"s awesome you have your own sewing room!   I finished my first quilt last week and my second one will be done this week.

# April 7, 2014 3:18 PM