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Finally, we have moved!

Finally, we moved into the new-to-us house on 1/22/2014. Thankfully, the weather was sunny and dry - but cold! The move went well, nothing damaged or lost. Of course, it was only 3 miles. Very nice experience overall. There have been the usual quandries about what to do with things, especially in the kitchen. Configuration means everything in a kitchen and this one is nothing like what I'm used to. So, ultimately, we may rearrange cabinets a few times before we are done. My office is almost organized. I'm taking delivery on a much-needed 4-hi lateral file today. I haven't even touched the sewing studio yet. My wonderful studio is getting lonely, so my goal is to get busy down there by Thursday this week. But right now the kitchen, my office, and the bedroom have priority.

We have a challenge in the laundry room, though. The 4-prong dryer outlet was installed upside down, and way too high. The cord won't reach! An electrician friend came over and turned the outlet around, and we ordered a longer cord. Meantime, we can wash clothes, and the DH takes the wet cloths to the laundromat to dry them. And, we finally have food in the house, and have stored away all the kitchen stuff that had been parked on the stove. So today, we are going to have a real meal and leave the Lean Cuisines for some other time.

Well, the guys are here with the filing cabinet. Have a great day!