Sharon D's Blog

Where have I been?

The answer is simple and complex. I've been moving to TN! It meant starting over with everything from a new mechanic to new friends, and new church - everything. Not to mention finding a house! It has been months of open switches. Thankfully, they are getting closed one by one.

Of course, I got a bit desperate for quilting friends. We are very blessed in this area in NE TN with several active guilds. So I made plans to visit all of them. Now, I am a serious chicken when it comes to going alone to a gathering where I don't know anyone. So I didn't go to any of them for a couple of months. (That's missing 10 opportunities!) I discovered a guild that meets less than 5 minutes from the apartment in a nearby church. So my DH agreed to go with me. It didn't take long for me to discover that not only were the members glad to see us and very friendly, but they were just a goofy as I am. One of the guild members invited me to her home to check out her longarm - I'm in research mode. And one of the founders of the guild (a Christian guild associated with the church) invited us to visit her Sunday School - that met at 8:15 am! The crazy thing is that we actually went!

So in one fell swoop - my life was moving forward with a new Church, a Sunday School, Bible study, guild, quilting community, and great friends. Once that happened, looking for a home became easy. A month or so later, we had a contract on a great home within a mile of at least 3 new friends, and within 10 minutes of the church and guild, and within 15 minutes of a very nice quilt store. The house is a story unto itself, so I'll write a separate post about that.

So now it's time to reconnect with the QCA community - and restart my online life!