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Five lessons about spray basting

I LOVE spray basting. It is quick, easy, and works great - usually. Nearly 2 years ago, I sandwiched Milky Way (based on a design by  Georgette Dell'Orco). About that time, we decided we would move to TN. So, while getting the house ready for market in the spring of 2012, all heck broke loose. We discovered a major dishwasher leak in the kitchen that had damaged a lot of the hardwood in the kitchen and living areas. So, quilting came to a halt while we dealt with damage clean up and hired a contractor. It was Jan 2012 before we got started. We also needed to paint the interior so that meant packing everything up so it could all be moved to the center of the rooms. As soon as the work was done, it was a simple task to put 75% of the piles in storage. That quilt stayed in storage for nearly a year and a half!

Now that we are in TN, I've begun to work on the backlog of quilting. That poor quilt has been a challenge. the places I'm having trouble with, are where I was apparently heavy-handed with the spray adhesive. Sometimes the top thread doesn't catch the bobbin thread, or something else happens. When I test everything on a recently sprayed practice sandwich. all my stitches are perfect. So I know the machine is working fine. So, here are the lessons I learned about spray basting. I hope they help you:

  1. Don't be afraid to try it. I still love spray basting.
  2. Spray lightly. Your sandwich will hold together just fine.
  3. Don't bake your top in a storage unit. Keep it at home!
  4. Try to get your quilt sandwich finished within a few months.
  5. If you've been heavy handed and have trouble, try to be patient. I have marked the places that need re-work with safety pins, and am enjoying the rest of the quilting.

Oh, I've finished the Chupah Shalom quilt. The pattern is for sale at Search for "deming" in the patterns section.


 Be good to yourself. Quilt!