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Flower Blocks Done! TN Here I Come!

Last week I FINISHED 22 FLOWER BLOCKS for the June QCA Smoky Mountain Quilting Retreat. Whew! And I thought I would be struggling with them for another couple of months. What really, really helped was going on vacation with my friend Dorothy to the Quiltfest in Pigeon Forge TN. She insisted I bring my machine and work on my blocks - she gave me no choice. I used Cynthia England' picture piecing technique.The piecing pattern is on freezer paper. You cut the paper into the separate pieces, iron them onto fabric, and trim the edges to about 1/4 inch. So she was busy trimming and I was busy sewing! When we would get back from the show, or eating (check out the Old Mill Grill and Cafe - yum), or shopping, or Parrot Mountain, or whatever, she trimmed and I sewed. We usually got 3-4 hours of work done each day. We were there for a week, so I got LOTS of the block quadrants done.

You can see in the picture below, I was working in my PJ's, bed hair, and that mouth working hard to get the little pieces together. Right in front of the chair on the left is the grocery bag about half full of trimmings. You should have seen it by the time we packed up to leave. It was running over!

I was motivated to get the job done ASAP, so I could get the house on the market and put my sewing away - so the house would be more presentable.  Since all my good sewing furniture was in storage, I used my dining table - Ugh! By the time I was finished with the blocks, I was stiff on the left side of my body from the top of my neck to my thigh. So I hi-tailed it to the chiropractor and she fixed me up. Of course, after the push on the final cleaning of everything - she will soon see me again! Here's a picture of my cute little house while the cherry tree was in bloom.


I still am torn. My life has been here for 30 years, BUT I want to move out of my house (new busy road nearby) and get to some cooler weather. So, starting next weekend, I'll start going to Johnson City frequently to look more closely at houses to narrow down my price range and desired features, etc. The DH has already moved there to look for work, so I'll have a place to stay and the cutest tour guide you ever did see. If you have quilting friends in the Johnson City area - I'd love to meet them!