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March 2012 - Posts

Getting Ready to Sell

We are ready to put our house on the market. It is looking pretty good. Amazingly, the listing price will be higher than I thought it would be! However, my real estate agent wants to wait for another 2 or 3 weeks until all of the foliage is out in the woods behind our house. A new road and bridge opened up fairly close to us, and with the foliage out, all of it will be hidden from view. Makes for easy access and some privacy.

The house has been cleared of extra stuff, all of my sewing furniture, all of my stash, and my DH!  Yep, the DH (and he is still a Dear Husband), has moved to TN to look for work. You can't really look for work easily with out living there. Sewing has been simplified a lot. I leave my older machine at the local Senior Center, and sew for a couple of hours on days I teach line dancing there, and on Wed afternoon with the quilting group. That's 3 days a week. Yesterday I set up my new machine on the dining table and worked on my blocks. That works pretty well too. It is easy to put it all away and tidy up when I need to. I'm making better progress with my blocks for the SM Reatreat in June - quite a relief, actually.

Quilts of Valor news. There will be a Sewing and Quilting EXPO in Raleigh early in June. Susan Gordon (QOV Foundation) was offered us the opportunity to have a QOV booth (free!) at the EXPO! Wow! What an opportunity to promote QOV and possibly attract more quilters to work with us. The leader of our group here in Wake Forest/Raleigh area is pondering whether she has the time to pull it all together. I certainly hope so. When she is committed, she can make just about anything happen. My own dance card is full, but I can help man the booth. I'll keep you posted on that.

Meantime,  it's off to Wed. afternoon quilting group - We call it Quilt! Quilt! Stitch and Gab. Fun, fun!