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Just say "no" at the Hampton VA quilt show

Rats! I don't want to say no. As you know, we are moving a lot of things out of the house to get it ready to sell - including my life. Uh, I mean my sewing studio (aka dining room). Well, it got worse. Yesterday, Sat 2/25, I went with a bus load of quilters from Wake Forest NC to the Hampton quilt show. Wonderful time! Wonderful show! LONG exhausting day. There were 2 important sad things about yesterday - other than the lights going out in the bus' potty.

First, as I wandered through the vendors for the 2nd time, I found a machine quilting frame for use with your regular sewing machine that looks like it would actually be worth buying. Great show-price, product on hand and everything. I just said no. I also found a task chair that I would have liked to seriously consider taking home with me, too. But, I just said no. We are shedding possessions, right now. Not aquiring them. Of course, I have put all of the info into a task that will pop up on my calendar in about 6 months to remind me to look at these products again.

Second, I traveled with a friend from our quilting group at the senior center. During the trip, I met 3 other very interesting people on the bus who wanted to come and check out our little quilting group. At the show, I ran into a friend from the QOV group in Fayetteville, and another friend from the senior center. Several people at the show seemed very familiar to me. As though I had talked to them at another show, or somewhere. It hit me today, just how much family I have in my quilting life, here.

When we move, and we will, I will grieve that loss of those family connections. I'm not a super-social person. Making friends is not a breeze for me. Since I retired, It has taken a full 2 years to become quilting buddies with this handful of lovely women. It won't be easy to leave the fun and comfort of our friendship.

So - I'd love to hear from anyone in the Johnson City / Jonesborough TN area with suggestions for ways for me to meet new quilting buddies. We make frequent trips there and would love to start meeting people who love to quilt!


Pamela said:

Sorry, from Michigan. But, QCA is here everyday. Check out the group heading to TN for a QCA retreat soon. They have a waiting list, but you might come across new friends from TN. Check it out under the forum on Retreats.

# February 26, 2012 8:27 AM

Sharon said:

Thanks Pamela - great idea! I am going to check in with the local quilt stores in the Johnson City area to see what they are up to, also. My current level of activities prevent me from either the southeast or smokey mountain retreats this year. Are new retreats listed periodically, or a certain time of the year?

# February 26, 2012 10:02 AM

Barbara said:

Sharon,I'm going tothe retreat in TN, in June ,I think Mary still has some openings and I know there are several member in the Tn area so you should have new friends real soon. but do checkout the retreat , We have a beautiful cabin, that is also owned by a menber that we will have the retreat at . weshould have a great time .Barbara

# February 26, 2012 11:02 AM

Sharon said:

Barbara - thanks for the warm invitation. I have just this minute joined the SM retreat group and sent my request to sign up. I'm looking forward to my first quilting retreat.

# February 26, 2012 11:26 AM

Barbara said:

Sharon, I did see that ,I 'm happy you were able to get in. I look foward to meeting you in June ,I'll be the short fat one LOL   Barbara

# February 26, 2012 9:59 PM