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June 2010 - Posts

Quilts of Valor & Painting

Yesterday (6/25/2010), I heard about the Quilts of Valor Foundation from a HandiQuilter ad in this month's McCall's Quilting magazine. I was drawn to the QOV website and after snooping around the sight decided to get involved. If you've never heard of the QOV foundation, they provide an avenue for quilters across the country to make quilts for wounded soldiers or their families. Someone makes the top, and has the option to send it to a volunteer longarmer for quilting. Then the quilt is bound, labeled, and sent to it's destination. Their website is They are also on facebook. The first quilt I will make is the QOV Split Star quilt by Mary B. Hayes (of Thangles). It is available free from either the QOV website or the Thangles website. I have created an EQ7 Project file for that quilt, if you are interested. I'm excited, and am looking for a local chapter of other folks involved with QOVF. See the quilt image below.

As for painting, I am making good progress. I started on the kitchen about a year ago, and then got sidetracked by one disaster after another. However, yesterday I finished up 95% of the kitchen! The kitchen has been a nightmare to paint. There are windows, of course. There is no soffet over the cabinets, so you have to risk your life to paint behind them! Especially, because the wall behind some of the cabinets is 11 ft tall! And, on top of all of that, the kitchen also has 8ft walls that are connected to the 11ft ceiling by "pillars". The highest part of each pillare only takes a couple of minutes to paint, but require climbing a 10ft ladder. So, up and down, up and down. That part is a real workout. My DH is a great help with the pillars by moving the ladder, and attaching the paint tray and being my gofer while I'm on the ladder. The rest of the house will now be a piece of cake in comparison to the kitchen!

What happens to the time?

What has happened to keep me away from QCA for several weeks? Maybe it is waiting on the DH through a severely sprained ankle. And, I was working on 3 other quilts which are now finished. And, it is hot, hot, hot here right now which makes me want to do nothing! Oh well. Now I have the kitchen and dining/sewing room torn up for painting. I like to paint, but I'm such a picky painter, I want to do it myself. So it takes a while. 

Anyway here are pics of those three quilts:

These 2 are baby quilts, 40x40.


Peek-a-Boo Baby and  Baby Hugs. The one below is a lap quilt 60x60, called Hopscotch Garden