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Stalled but Still Quilting

It has bene a couple of months since my last post. That's because it's been a while since I finished my last top and I haven't done much on the sewing machine since then. Various things have been going on to thwart my efforts. Tax preparation for one, and in March my DH and I went up north to Tivoli NY to visit my sister. Her husband owns a large orchard up there (180 acres) and everything was in bloom! Apples of all kinds, pears, peaches, apricots, cherries, .. and on and on. They also have a big vegetable garden for their summer farm stand and all of the farmers markets they participate in down by NYC. Anyway we had a wonderful time. Now, my DH is recovering from overdoing it yesterday by staying in bed and I am trying to be quiet. So rather than just sit around and do nothing, I got on my computer and started designing.

The result is a very simple pinwheel design that started with a free pattern I found online. While tinkering with the block I wound up with a tried and true design that resulted in pinwheels all over the place. My modifications were to add some additional colors. It is very simple, but I like it. Of course, it can easily become a more playful quilt by going to a bunch of related prints or batiks and modifying the borders. Come to think of it, I could use some ideas on interesting borders, especially for pinwheels. For now, I've constrined myself to lap quilts and smaller for ease in sandwiching and quilting on my home machine. My EQ design is below.

I like to sandwich my quilts by utilizing a couple of banquet tables set side-by-side either in my quilting space or outside on the deck. But with the DH now down and out for a while, I'm stuck. The tables are so heavy that I can't handle them alone. I've been putting off buying the much lighter, inexpensive, fold-up version but have put it off until other surprise expenses slow down some. Asking for help from a neighbor doesn't seem to occur to me right away - but I certainly could do that. Meantime, I could start moving furniture and prep for painting my sewing space.

Meantime, I'll just go put on some socks. Y'all have a great day!