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Time Marches On

Time does indeed March On
What fun I've been having since my last post! Designing, shopping for fabric, constructing, and practicing longarm skills. If I do not have a project going, I just wander around the house sort of lost. So here's what's been going on:
Gift for Hope: Late in January, I started a quilt for my friend Hope. She had a horrible year in 2009 and has just been getting back on her feet. Starting all over. She needed something to remind her of just how much she is loved by her friends. I finished it the morning of our lunch date. She was overwhelmed. She not only loved it, but knew that every stitch was filled with encouragement and love.
Practicing Longarm: About mid-February, I had finished a VERY simple baby quilt top to use for longarm practice. The practice session was exhausting, since I had to really concentrate on what I was doing, and take in a lot of information, the process took longer than I had hoped. Even though I didn't finish quilting it, the session went better than I had expected. The only drawback is that renting the machine is expensive, and if I plan to sell a quilt, I need to keep the cost of construction under control without sacrificing the quality of the materials I use.
Designing new quilts: Since my last post, I have been designing and constructing more quilts. Since I've retired I have been lost and wander around the house or play solitaire unless I am sewing or buying fabric. I've designed 3 quilts, 2 lap quilts and a longarm practice quilt. The first lap quilt is called Hearts and Diamonds - with a very simple pieced heart block put on point. The second lap quilt I designed this morning. It's called Time Marches On. As I was working on the block, my darling husband wandered into the office, and said "If you take this half of the block and put the mirror image of it in the other half, it will create a neat optical illusion." He has a knack for looking at a pattern, twisting it around, repeating it, and seeing the result, all in his head. How does he do that? So, he will get design credit! ... The third quilt is another simple baby quilt design I will use for another longarm practice session. All three designs were fun, fun, fun, to work on.
Shopping for fabric: I LOVE MY IVES COLOR WHEEL TOOL! Shopping for fabric is now 0% frustration, and 100% enjoyable. This month I went with the husband to what I have been calling the "old ladies club" in our sub-division. It's actually for all seniors. So this week I went with him. What a nice group. I met 2 people who love to sew and enjoy quilts. So, we are planning a long day trip to Charlotte to shop at Mary Jo's Cloth Store. High quality fabric at LOW prices!  The husband is also on a so-called "social committee" that previews businesses in the area to feature in a new magazine for our area. They were having lunch one day recently and he told them about the fabric store and our little outing. One of the ladies at the lunch got all excited and wants to go to. I'm sure we will have a blast together. The outing is scheduled for March 16.
So there you have it, February 2010 in a nutshell. Happy quilting everyone!