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January 2010 Musings

January 9, 2010

After a full week of retirement - I am overwhelmed with glee. I've done only a smidge of housework, just enough to get by. Much of my time has been spent getting my quilting documentation in order. I finally organized my data files so I can actually find what I am looking for, and catalogued "new" quilt designs that had been left un-documented,  For about 10 years, I have crocheted baby blankets for Laura Schlessenger's My Stuff Bags, so now that I have more time, I thought I might do more of that. But, I met a woman in the WalMart yarn section who told me she knits chemo caps. I got in touch with her contact in Raleigh, and am now playing with cap patterns to crochet to send to her. If you are interested in doing something similar in your own area, check out for ideas.

Now, back to quilting. My husband and I received an Amazon gift certificate, so I spent my part trying to get some help with color selection. I just received Joen Wolfrom's Color Play, which uses the Ives Color Wheel, in which the primary colors are yellow, magenta, and torquoise. I don't know if I will get better at selecting colors or not. All I know, is that if I select the colors I like, all my quilts will look alike! Ha!



Dena said:

I always have issues with color which is why I take my hubby or my daughter with me.  They tend to be better at that than I am.  OR  I just start grabbing colors and make my blocks and then I end up with quilts like the one on my avatar!  

# January 9, 2010 5:06 PM

Sharon said:

My sister is artsy, and is excellent at design elements and color. Unfortunatley, 6 states away, so I'm pretty much on my own. After playing with the Ives Color Tool, though, I think it will help me be more confident about my choices.

# January 9, 2010 7:56 PM

gini said:

wow, for a newly retired person, you sound very busy.     i think color is the hardest part of making a quilt.  i haven't heard of the ives color tool, i'll have to look into it.   happy retirement.  gini

# January 9, 2010 8:02 PM

Sharon said:

Gini, I have a piece of batik I like a lot. The colors in it, frankly, are a little strange, but the work. So, I used my Ives Color Tool to figure out what is really in it, and whether the fabric reflects the Ives color wheel. And IT DOES! The fabric's dominante color is red-violet. The other colors are blue-violet, blue-green, yellow-orange, and chartreuse! According to the Ives color wheel, most of the colors are "tones" meaning the color has gray added - so they are softer than their names might imply, and are wonderful together.

# January 9, 2010 9:04 PM