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The Big Picture of My Quilting Focus

I make lap quilts. They are usually between 55 and 60 inches square, and have something to do with pinwheels. I love pinwheels. Lap Quilts are the largest quilts that I can construct comfortably with the tools and space I have.  My designs are very simple, no pieces smaller than 2" on a side, and no more than 6 fabrics. Selecting fabrics is the most stressful part of the process for me, so why make it more difficult than necessary? So far, I have designed 11 lap quilts, and have constructed 6 of them.  To document my designs, I use MS Publisher to create a title page, and I print the rotary cutting diagrams and yardage from EQ. I also have an Excel spreadsheet that calculates binding yardage for bias, length-wise grain, and cross-grain binding yardage. I put all of those pages, along with samples of the fabrics I used, in a sheet protector and keep it in a binder. There is also a page for the specifications: type of fabric, batting, etc., and notes about the process of designing and constructing the quilt. But alas, I rarely use it.


gini said:

sharon, i would love to see some of you designs.   you can submit designs here, too.   they have a contest.   gini

# January 1, 2010 4:21 PM