Now on Facebook

Yes, I finally did it, I am now on Facebook!  I decided to sign up since my son gets mad at me when I "like" something and it shows up as him instead of me.  Now I hope I don't waste too much time on it.  I have already found two friends I haven't seen in quite some time, one from over 30 years ago.  It is nice to see when your friends are doing well.

I hope to get the famine relief quilt bound tonight while I watch TV and get the pictures up by the end of the weekend.  We have garden tomatoes to take care of this weekend so I will be quite busy.  We didn't get many canned last year so I am glad to see at least a moderate harvest this year.  We have not gotten rain as regularly as I had hoped but are fortunate that we are not suffering like the Horn of Africa.

God bless and if you want to "friend" me just look for Liz Kuennen on Facebook and let me know you saw me on my blog.