Starting on Celtic Solstice.

Published Mon, Nov 25 2013 6:46 AM | Debra


Monday, November 24 2013

I decided to do this mystery quilt by Bonnie Hunter. Its called Celtic Solstice. I have so many other projects going (Monster mash needs quilted, Sampler quilt 2012 needs quilted, 3 Christmas quilts piecing, Harry Potter needs put together, and Civil war needs quilted.)  but this one will help me to use up my scraps and I love the name of the quilt. Its my first mystery and I am afraid I won;t be able to keep up. But I will give it my best. She has given 2 sizes for the quilt 111 x111 or 75 x 75. I am going for the smaller version of it. And it will be the biggest quilt I have tried. 

Today I picked out some of my scrap fabrics. Small pieces and strips. The colors are neutrals, blue, green, yellow and orange. I'll sort and pick out more tomorrow and Weds. On Friday the first directions come out. 

Sat November 30 2013

Began the cutting today. Its starts out with a Tri Rec template ruler doing lots of cutting in the orange, neutral and blues. Today I did the neutral and half the blues. My back is sore from leaning over the cutting table and my thumb is bruised from holding down the template while I cut. Think I need a new blade for the cutter and I need to figure out a more comfortable angle to work on cutting. But I cut out 96 of the neutral and 96 blue pairs today.


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