It's Silver, Not Gray

My co-worker and her husband are expecting their first baby in the next few weeks. The nursery is yellow and gray, with painted chevrons on the walls. I managed to knit a sweater and hat in the proper colors, but drew a complete blank for a quilt. It was the gray that stumped me. Gray? For a baby? 

Being reasonably intelligent, and able to swallow my pride, I posted my dilemma in the question and answer section on the QCA website. One lady suggested I look at the gray as silver. That was enough to nudge me out of my block, and off to the fabric store I went. Happily, there was a quilt show later that week to augment the first batch. 

That silver really adds a nice touch, don't you think?

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Published Thu, Oct 17 2013 5:48 PM by LindaE


# re: It's Silver, Not Gray@ Monday, October 21, 2013 11:10 AM

haha, that was me!  When I saw your heading I thought, hey that sounds familiar. Haha, I was the one who suggested thinking of it as silver and you did a fabulous job on the quilt.  I'm so glad my suggestion helped, you made my day! Jenia

by Jenia