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I've been working on the Double Wedding Ring for about a month. I have about half of the melons made, and got a few units put together.

Finding blue batik fabric proved more difficult than I had thought. I got some at two local shops, but then thought I'd like more variety of blues. At the NQA convention, I bought just about every blue batik there, and only had about 10 different fat quarters or half yard cuts.

I visited Goshen, Indiana a couple of weeks ago, and stopped at a shop that had a few more to chose from. There was a new quilt and sewing machine next door to that one, so I found a few more. I think I have enough, now. :)

I have decided that even though some fabric is downright ugly, it can still "work" and add to the finished product. The ones I don't like are dark, blotchy things. They end up a great background for more sparkly fabric.

The Thousand Pyramid quilt in the frame waiting to have the other half quilted looks a bit forlorn. If I keep a good pace on the DWR, it won't be too long before that one is back in the front of the line.

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