The Torch Has Been Passed

Two weeks ago, a very dear 93 year old lady passed away. In our town, she is well known for making Double Wedding Ring quilts. If anyone wanted one, they would drop off the fabric, and she would put it together.

One time, I had mentioned to her that I was intimidated by the curves, and small pieces, so I was not sure I wanted to try to make a double Wedding Ring. She encouraged me that they were really easy once you got the hang of it, and that she'd rather make that kind than any other. I tried a 9 ring, then a king size, and then another 9 ring. She was right; they are addicting.

I quilt with a church group in our town. One Wednesday morning, Oleta handed me a plastic container with some cardboard in it. She told me that she couldn't see very well any more, so she didn't need the templates for her Double Wedding Rings anymore. Besides, her daughter would just throw it out once she died. She figured I'd like her templates. Oh, boy, do I!

Today, i was asked to make a quilt in her honor, in her favorite color, blue.

There is no question what the pattern must be, because nothing but a Double Wedding Ring will do for Oleta.




Published Wed, Jun 1 2011 7:31 PM by LindaE


# re: The Torch Has Been Passed@ Wednesday, June 1, 2011 7:44 PM

I am sorry for your loss but glad she was able to find someone to give her quilting items too. So sad that her family didn't appreciate it.


by Valerie

# re: The Torch Has Been Passed@ Wednesday, June 1, 2011 8:36 PM

Very touching story. So glad she had someone to pass her items on to. It is very sad when no one cares about your life's passion.

by Joan L.

# re: The Torch Has Been Passed@ Wednesday, June 1, 2011 9:41 PM

They treasure her quilts. One was on display at her funeral. (Her last double wedding ring quilt, made at age 90!) It was the templates that they wouldn't have known what to do with.

by LindaE