Progress Update

The weekend of January 21-23, I got to go to Northern Indiana so two of my teenagers could go to winter camp. After dropping them off, I went to a lovely quilt shop named Caroline's Cottage Cottons in Rome City. She carries lots of Civil War, as well as a fantastic assortment of pretty much everything.

I needed border fabric for a Civil War-ish wall hanging, so I looked around, eventually telling Caroline that I was looking for paisley. She had just gotten in "Adelaide" from Marcus Fabrics. It is perfect! I got a green subtle leaf print for an inner border.

I also needed border fabric and back for a very bold, very cheery Thousand Pyramid. Caroline had the right fabric for that, too.

After I spent all my fabric money, I went to the hotel I was staying at, and sat in front of a fireplace while I pieced a block for the Civil War-ish quilt. The snow was falling light and fluffy. I was warm, cozy, and quilting! Oh, the bliss! By Sunday morning, the block was finished, put on the quilt, and the setting triangles were all in place. It just needs its border.

At home, I started working on the inner border, then found out  I didn't buy enough Adelaide paisley. I looked it up on line, and it seems that a few local shops have it, so I will be going next week for some more. My husband offered to take me for lunch when I go get it. Lunch out with hubby and a quilt shop! Wonderful!

Meanwhile, my applique heart wal hanging from an Anita Schackelford class is bound, and almost ready to hang. The sleeve just needs to be tacked down. My husband thought is it quilt-show worthy. It does look nice. (Pictures forthcoming, but the camera is broken.)

One down, ready to hang, two in various stages of border. If all goes well, the Civil War-ish wall hanging will go in the quilt frame by Valentine's Day.

Published Wed, Feb 2 2011 9:20 PM by LindaE


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it sounds like you have been a busy girl    way to go    

by gini