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I have so many quilts in various stages of progress that it would be funny if it was not so sad. It would be far better to have them all done and enjoy them rather than stored in their little boxes waiting for me to finish them.

Thus, the Year of the Finished Quilt.

I had a twin/full Civil War-ish quilt in the frame for almost two years. It was really in the way, because the only place for my frame is in the living room. I bound it New Year's Eve, as a precursor to the official declared year. My camera is on the blink, so pictures will be forthcoming once the camera is happy.

Two years ago, Anita Shackleford came to my area to teach ruching and applique. I had a ball making a block. That project went on vacation with me, where I learned a valuable lesson. If you take a project on vacation, always take a photocopy of the instructions. Otherwise, the original will mysteriously disappear, and you will be left scrambling to figure out how exactly it is put together.

Last year, in January, I got fabric for the borders, but there it all sat, until New Year's Day. The border went on, and it went into the frame the day after. It is almost half quilted, and ought to be done by the end of the month.

I have a Civil War wall hanging done by hand that I have been taking back and forth to kids' gymnastics classes. It keeps getting set aside while I knit a pair of socks, or learn to knit Gansey sweaters. I am finally on the last block, so all that is left is to assemble that one, and add it to the rest of the already-assembled wall hanging. If all goes well, it will go in the frame the first part of February and hopefully out with in the month.

Then there is my 11 year old daughter's twin neon and insects Thousand Pyramid waiting on a border and quilting, a king Lone Star waiting to be set and quilted, and a Shop Hop quilt I am making with a daughter that only had 6 blocks made.

If I don't get them all done, that's okay, because Life happens. All good plans go awry. But if I get only part of them done, I can always make 2012 the Year of the Finished Quilt, part 2. No matter how it shakes out, I'll have the joy of making them, and the joy of seeing my kids use them. That's what it's about, anyway.




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