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This weekend is the annual Ohio Mennonite Relief sale. In conjunction with a quilt auction, and woodworking auction, they have a "Quilters' Corner" where they sell donated quilting items, including fabric. Usually, I buy lots of fabric, both in pre-cut lengths and fat quarters. The prices are very reasonable, to almost downright cheap.

This year, though, I noticed a box of old looking templates, and some rotary cutter rulers. I had fun picking out some templates that are old enough to have been made out of manila envelop, and cardboard. And then a ruler or two made its way into my hand.

Just down the table from all the templates were two boxes of books. My daughter was starting to pick on me, that I was buying too much stuff. That's when I saw a book by Carrie A. Hall. I picked it up, and nothing was going to make me put it down again. The asking price was fifty cents.

I hurried up and paid for my things, thinking they may change their minds and add a few zeroes to the book's price, but they didn't. All of my rulers, templates, and my book came to exactly $25.

On the way to the car, I opened my new book for the first time. It was the third printing of the first edition, from 1935! The title is The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America. It had been a library book from Tupelo, Mississippi. I'd love to know how it made its way to North Central Ohio. It doesn't have a stray mark on it anywhere that I have found.

The quilts photographed for the book are absolutely stunning, even in black and white. There are photographs of quilted dresses and undergarments as well.

I now have at least 3 quilts added to my, "Boy, I'd love to make one like that" list. And that's only from the briefest of looks through the photos.

What a find! And for 50 cents!

Oh, and the three quilts added to my list are Ohio Rose, Labyrinth, and Irish Chain with Scottish thistles in the white blocks.








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Wedding by the Sea was made for the Ohio Mennonite Relief Sale in 2008. I pieced the top, thanks to Fons and Porter's inspiration for the colors, and John Flynn's faster piecing method for the assembly. It is hand quilted by the ladies of Kidron Mennonite Church. It was the top selling double wedding ring, and had a companion 9 ring wall hanging that I did as a single needle quilt. The large top sold for $1,250 and its companion for $250.



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