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The Vampire Quilter

ooooo sounds scary, right?

I call myself that because I actually enjoy staying up all night quilting.  Of course, I'm only a weekend vampire quilter.  Doing it during the week would pose some problems at work I am sure.

 I get into this "artist" zone and don't even think about going to bed.  Before I know it it's 4:00 a.m. and makes no sense to go to bed.  So I continue and just keep on sewing.

I turn on some movie channel or another and let the movies play while I sew the night away.

I can do this one weekend night for many weekends in a row.  So sometimes it's Friday night other times it's Saturday night, but usually I have the opportunity to do this during any weekend.

I really didn't need another project to work on, but I came up with a great idea during one of my vampire episodes.  I call it High 5 Ties or Ties of Tides

I am basically prepping men's old neckties after cutting them to 31 inches and then tiny blanket stitching them together in tact (with the center's still n place).  The result will be a wavy blanket of satin that will qualify as a quilt because it has a top a bottom and batting in the center. 

I will make each row 5 ties high and will be alternating 1/2 length's at the sides every other row of 5 so that the waves come out right.  Also the points will be left in tact on opposite sides so that we have pointy sides.

 So when my back aches from working on the crazy quilt (currently on the red row...only 1.75 rows to go) and I don't want to work on piecing the cowboys and Indians I now have project #3 in the works.  This one is easy to pick up and will be finished with it's pieced.  No additional quilting steps needed here.


Published Wed, May 7 2014 3:10 PM by Jenia