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Having fun with sewing storage

When I begin a collection I tend to obsess about it.  I am constantly searching for the new (old) thing.  I browse ebay and go to estate sales and garage sales.  I become immersed in the new object of desire.  I am always checking out all kinds of places to find my new obssession. 

Hello, my name is Jenia and I am a collector of vintage sewing boxes.  It's time to stand up and admit I have this "problem".

It all started because I wanted a place to keep the lace, velvet and edging that I'm using for my Crazy Rainbow Rows quilt. I found a cool old vinyl sewing box on ebay complete with the tray for threads, pins, needles, etc.  I just had to have it.  I didn't get a photo of the outside of this one.  It's vinyl with early-American eagles and wings printed throughout the box and hinged lid.  It's probably dated to the 1950's.


This worked so well I just had to have something similar to house my current WIP, the Cowboys and Indians quilt

yellowbasket  insideyellowbasket

This one is likely from the 1960's made of wicker on stationary legs.  It has a nice silk liner in the top.  It had that old musty smell when I got it, so I put some dryer sheets inside and it slowly dissipated with use.

Next we have the quilted gold box which houses my Christmas quilt project.  It will likely be home to this project for years to come as I will likely only work on it during the holidays. Here's the box of Christmas Futures.

quiltedgoldbox   xmasfuture

I know I have the collector bug now because I have recently purchased 3 new vintage sewing boxes.  I tell myself that this one will be for the necktie quilt.


This one isn't even here yet and I'm saying it will be for the Cathedral Window


Then there's the little ones.  I keep my rulers, rotary cutters and foiling supplies in this cool wooden/copper beauty:


Finally this one came in the mail yesterday...don't ask me it's too little to use for a quilt, but it fits so well in my purple bedroom...

purplebasket   purplein

So in denial I can say I really needed all these vintage sewing boxes because I need a place to keep all my projects.  But if I really admit it...I am a collector and I need help. you have one to sell?  just kidding...

I just wanted to share with you all how I keep my projects because I think these old boxes should be treasured.

Sew until next time...

Published Thu, Mar 13 2014 4:51 PM by Jenia