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Eye Candy for the Calorie Conscious Quilter

AAAARRRG...didn't realize until now these all posted upside down, on the ipad they always look fine.  When I come and look from work, it's all messed up.  I will fix this asap, probably tomorrow (2-25-2014).

I am fairly new to Las Cruces, and new to quilting.  I don't have many local friends and I have yet to join any quilting group or guild.  As I have mentioned before I am intimidated by large groups of people, and somewhat insecure of my quilting abilities.  So I was in the dark about  the quit show until I drove past our convention center las weekend.  Oh wow, I was so excited to go!  

Ive been on a diet, I'm on week 2 of a 12 week I'm not allowed food candy, but I can enjoy as much eye candy as I want. 

This first item I purchased.  They didn't have the pattern any more, and kits were long gone.  This was just an example of a kit they used to sell, so I had to purchase the finished piece.  I knew it would look fabulous on our kitchen table.  It's called chili rounder.

Now here's something that was both spectacular and unusual....

And one of my favorite (non) patterns, the one block wonder

Anyone who can create a scenery with fabric has phenomenal talent in my eyes.  It's like painting with fabric.

And my favorite of them all, this beautiful traditional yet fabulous spool quilt.

There we're many many more, but I can't share them all...

Going to the show and seeing all of these awesome quilts just intimidated me even more about joining a group.  However I do think I will face that fear and give it a try.  I'm sure I can learn so much from the people making these gorgeous pieces, if they are willing to share their expertise.

i hope,you all enjoyed the eye candy!

sew, til next time.....

Published Sun, Feb 23 2014 1:11 AM by Jenia


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