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Every Which Way On Display!

A few months ago I mentioned here that I was accepted as a finalist (1 of 30) for the Grand Central Terminal Quilting Challenge.  This was my very first contest, only my 4th quilting project, and a very big long shot to be even chosen.  I am still in shock and almost disbelief.  But there I was, my little quilt shown next to the masterpieces, it's all very exciting to me.

The final judging results were published in the current issue of American Patchwork magazine.  WOW, the competition was fierce.  WOW, I can't even believe my little piece was compared to all the fabulous items shown.  In the magazine they only showed the winners, runners up and honorable mentions.  I still feel as if I'm a winner because my quilt will be hung alongside these wonders.  They will all be physically on display at the Grand Central Terminal.  I hope someone somewhere will actually go and take some real photos of the display.

Here's my photo and a the link to my piece as written up by the magazine's website I'm on page 36 of 44.  If they are shown in order I'm 8th from last, and I still feel really happy about it.  It's really encouraging especially when I look at the details on the competition.


Here's a link to all the winners which includes grand prize, first place, runners up and others like me who didn't get honorable mention but did get accepted to be put on display:

They are all so spectacular, I feel that my little piece will look puny next to the other beautiful pieces of art.  I suppose mine was more "traditional" in the quilt sense...all of the others are simply lovely scenery quilts.  Here's my personal favorite which was actually first place

If you look at the details on this it is remarkable!  There is a little clock inserted in the center! 

Also, I did receive a prize of sorts.  The City Quilter sent me a fat quarter of the New York City line by line fabric, probably all of us finalists received this.  You can never have too much fabric, as we all know.  But this is special, I will likely save it and frame it next to my quilt hanging when I get it back along with the letter acknowledging my participation.  I frame and mat art as a hobby and this will be a great piece framed next to the original fabric, and the letter, another little project for my  to-do list.  I will likely never come this close to winning again, so I will hang it all with pride, for sure!

It was such a great experience to have done this.  I have to thank my partner, Jim, for the encouragement to enter.  I would NEVER have done so without his insistence, pushing, nudging  and the confidence he instills in me in everything I do.

Published Mon, Feb 10 2014 2:28 PM by Jenia
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