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January 2014 - Posts

I am finally 1/2 way done with the quilting on my Crazy Rainbow Rows quilt.

I am still wondering who invented this monster - the answer being the only crazy lady talking here - me.

It is a labor of love and what a bunch of labor it is.

I started piecing this last January and here we are 1 year later and I'm about 1/2 way done with the "quilting" portion of my project. 

3 of the 6 rows are done with the stain glass edging being sewed on.  I thought putting the black lace and edging on would be what constitutes the quilting of this, but I think I will probably go back and do some quilting and embroidering in the larger areas that will need some "texture" work.  I started this in this last row I worked on, the yellow and I will continue onto the orange road now.  However, I will likely have to go back and add some needlework to the blue and purple sections because I didn't think of this until now.  Oh well...add another log on the fire, right?

Jim and I had to take a little trip to Scottsdale, Arizona this weekend to pick him up a new truck, so I didn't work on this as much as I wanted to this weekend. However, I have started the orange section and hope to inch along as always one little stitch at a time.

The trip to Arizona was beneficial.  We got Jim a new 2013 (last year's model) GMC Yukon for $10,000 less than we would have had to spend here at home AND they pretty much threw in the extended 6-year warranty package.  We needed to get a 2013 in order to afford the payments.  It's a nice truck and I hope we get many many years out of it.  Here's the new doggie wagon, vacation vehicle, and trailer puller:

I can fit a lot of material in that baby!  Anyone up for a road trip, quilt shop hop? Just kidding, I probably won't be allowed to drive the new thing until he gets tired of it in like a year or so from now...then we will once again have the who's driving conversation.

Sew til then I will be the happy passenger!

Our vacation wasn't exactly the most exciting trip, nor was it the best adventure we have ever been on, and I can say we probably should have stayed home. However, we did get in some much needed rest and relaxation (as Elmer Fudd would say).  

The trip to see my (quilting mentor) Granny was overshadowed on Christmas Day with some very bad news.  Granny lost her brother that morning, my Great Uncle TJ passed away Christmas morning.  The word is he grieved to death because he had lost his daughter and wife all during 2013 and he also had some heart trouble that was too troublesome at his age to be fixed.  My mom says its a good thing we were with Granny when she got the news because she is now the only one left of all of her 5 siblings and she being almost the oldest.  

We then went to Treasure Island, Florida for our R&R time.  When I made the reservations it was 80 degrees in Tampa, and 50 at home, well when we arrived it was 50 in Florida and 60 at home.  Well 60 (and always sunny) at home is much more tolerable than 50 (and damp to us) in Florida.  We live in the sunny southwest, anything under 80 is cold to me.  So cloudy, rainy 70 put both Jim and I in jeans, coats, and boots as we walked the beach and boardwalk while the normal snowbirds were in shorts, bathing suits and tank tops.  We must have looked ridiculous walking the beach all bundled up while the people from the northern states romped and played in the frigid 65 degree gulf water


The highlight of our trip was the New Years Eve when we took a dinner cruise into Tampa Bay for dancing, drinks,  and fireworks.  My very romantic partner, unbeknownst to me, set up a "renewing of our vows" after the cruise was over.  Silly me thought he was arranging a tour of the steerage and engine room and stuff like guys think is interesting.  I was totally caught off guard and was so surprised at the spur of the moment when the captain and first mate renewed our "vows" on the ships deck.  It was so romantic and totally unexpected, is it any wonder why I love Jim so whole heartedly as I do?

Our drive home was nasty cold (for us any way).  There was lots of traffic and many traffic jams.  Neither of us slept very well during the 3-day journey home even though we stayed in good hotels along the way.  It could have been the excitement of our new baby that made the anticipation so great.  We would be picking up our new kitten, Paisley, Monday when we returned.  She is only 4 months old, so she is about 6 months younger than Tuxedo when we adopted him.  She is also very very different than Tux.  Mr. tux was raised by his mother cat almost in the wild, while Ms. Paisley has pretty much been raised in a cage at our vets office.   They held her for us especially because of the horrible circumstances on the  loss of Tuxedo.  

So, Paisley is very skittish,  extremely shy, and she only trusts me at the moment.  My boss told me he found out that most calico's are neurotic and crazy by nature, and here we have a calico kitten coming into our lives.  Well, I'm proud to say she is coming into her own and moving right in to her place as our little kitten, my quilting buddy, and yeah so a little craziness too but that's what makes her so much fun.  She has a great crazy kitty personality and I find myself laughing and smiling at her continually.

I slept with her the first two nights in my workout room which is also (the cat) her room.  This is where she is fed and where her litter box and toys are.  I spent two (pretty much) sleepless nights allowing her to warm up to just me.  We have 4 dogs and you can imagine it wasn't the easiest transition for Ms Paisley.  First night was pounce and run night.  She would pounce on my hand then run,  pounce on my belly then run...wait until I was just about back to sleep and then again pounce on my shoulder and run...etc.  all night long.   It took much coaxing and tons of patience to get her to come out from her room and into the rest of the house.  Once that was established I spent 3 more nights on the living room futon to allow her to acclimate to the her new expanded HUGE cage and her escape route back to her safe haven of (her) my workout room.  

Am I the only one who would give up a weeks worth of sleep just to make a kitten feel better about her new home?

Anyway, it's now Friday and I want to quilt, I need to get back to my sewing and my life.  I want my little Paisley there with me and I hope she enjoys the weekend with me as much as we can learning new things and exploring this great big house that she must now think of as her expanded cage.

So Jim carries her in and gets her used to my WIP as the dogs gather round and peak their interest.  I'm so proud of my brave little tiger as she confronts the other 4-legs of our house one by one; not least of which is the new puppy Opal (only 7 months  old) who has no idea about kittens.  But here's our tiny little Paisley coming out I the open one of the first times to greet the dogs.



And how cute is this?  Peaking down on the dogs from her safe perch - my quilt in progress.  She must smell me all over it and all over my quilting chair.  


  And now the biggest battle of the night.  Our new puppy Opal doesn't know what to think about a cat living in her new house.  WTH is this other thing that has 4 legs, do I point at it, do I play with it, do I hunt it, do I love it?

??  So they stare each other down for a bit...50 pound dog vs. 4 pound kitten.    

I'm sure  you all know who claims victory in this battle, right?  Paisley struts away as Opal wonders what just happened?  

Well, all of that to say I haven't gotten any quilting done since we left for vacation.  I took some piecing with me but never even opened the ziplock.  Now that I am a new mom, I haven't  had the time to work on the big quilt since returning home.  I honestly hope to complete the yellow row of the crazy quilt this weekend, but much is going to depend on what our babies (Opal and Paisley) think about that.

sew (I hope so, anyway) until next time