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Hips, snips and stitches

Today, my beloved, mother-in-law (aka mom or Lynora) had hip replacement surgery.  She is a vibrant, healthy young 80 year old lady whom I adore.  She has been staying with us for a few months and will be here another few months while she recovers and rehabs. Normally she lives independent and still keeps her own house and garden and I'm sure she is looking forward to getting back to her quiet little home.

I feel privileged that she has had the opportunity to be mom-sat while Jim and I watch over her.  However, we will also take advantage of having a house sitter and we will be taking a nice beach vacation for New Years this year.  It will be the first in a long time that we will be away for the holiday season.  Jim's brother will stay with his mom at our house while we are away so she will still have company and help watching our 4 dogs and her 1 little dog.  While it's great to have family around and close; it will also be great to get away.

I have been slowly piecing a block-of-the-month for Lynora.  You will recall I'm calling it Cowboys and Indians.  I'm piecing 2 quilts at the same time that are the same pattern:  1 with the fabric sent in the BOM; the other using my fabrics.  I'm really liking how they are both coming along.  This project is also helping me learn to use my rotary cutter far better.  With each set I cut I get better at it, I wonder how I pieced my other quilts without it!

This is a 12-block pattern; they have send me 8 and I am very very far behind.  I have the first 2 blocks completed for both quilts and 1/2 of block 3 (my fabric) completed.  I'm currently working on block 3 using their fabric. 

My plan was to use the cowboy boots and hats pattern to add to the quilt I make with their fabric to make it large enough for a bed.  

I thought about combining the two quilts but after taking this picture I think it needs to be 2 separate quilts.  

I've been doing this piecing now and then while Lynora has been with us but she doesn't really know this quilt will be for her.  She hasn't said anything about it like she does when I'm working on my crazy quilt.  I wonder if she won't like it?  She always comments on how pretty the crazy quilt is, but never mentions anything when I'm piecing the blocks.  I wonder if she doesn't like it?  Or, perhaps she can't really tell what it will look like when it's done? Maybe the blocks don't make sense to her until they are all put together?

She is very much into southwestern decor and cowboy western stuff.  So naturally I thought this would fit really well in her house.  I know she would never complain, but I don't want to give her something that she doesn't really like.  I sure hope someday she says something about it while I'm working on it.  If she doesn't comment I might have to find something else to make for her. 

The crazy quilt is king size and far too big for her beds, and I believe that will be marked for my real mom if it turns out good enough for my Granny's inspection.  My mom lives with Granny and I can't send it if it's not just right.

Sew, til next time I work in doubt....