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Quilting through the emotional roller coaster

Wow, it's been quite a week!   I sit here crying, but yet being thankful for the good things I do have.

The very good news - Jim made it home with our new baby.  Opal has joined our family and fits in perfectly.  I saw her photo when a friend posted her on facebook.  The photo said, transport available.  So I wrote to the shelter to find out they are in South Carolina - we are in New Mexico.  Well meeting half way ended up with Jim volunteering to drive cross-country to bring her home.  I could tell from her eyes in the photo she was a sweetheart.  My favorite breed is Pointer and she's an English Pointer mix.  She is perfect for us

I was so happy to have them both home and I am grateful for my wonderful man and loving critter kids.

Now the bad news.  Up and down it's been all week.

First my Granny was rushed to the hospital Tuesday morning.  She has bronchitis and ecoli.   Wow that hit me hard.  It hit like a brick wall, immediate tears and emotional frailty.  I love her so and it scares me all the time to think about losing my dear Granny.  She is my quilting mentor and inspiration for the hobby.  We are very much alike and she is so precious to me. The good news came yesterday she was going home!  I have been on tear's edge all week and they just flowed when I heard the news.  Those were happy tears.  Here's me and Granny a few years ago.

Then the worse news.  Our cat, Tuxedo, my quilting companion whom you have seen in many a photo here, has a rare cat enzyme disease.  We are hoping for the best but in many cases it's fatal.  Talk about that brick wall coming down on my head, it's emotionally crushing me to think of losing my dear kitty.  He's only 2.  I wasn't a cat person until I met our Tuxedo.  He's so special to me.  He totally lost his appetite and every time I pet my furry bag of bones I am scared he will not make it.  He is at the vet as I speak hooked up to iv getting nourishment waiting for the blood work to tell them what kind of medicine he should be given.  It takes 2 days for the results.   We are going to visit him tomorrow morning, I don't know if I will be able to see him hooked up to iv, but Jim is strong enough to go in and make sure our Mr. Tuxedo knows that we are still with him and that we are waiting for him to get stronger and come home.  This is him last year playing with Granny's yo-yo Christmas ornaments I use every year.

And to top it off on the up side of that roller coaster, today is Jim's birthday.  Happy 53rd to the love of my life, I have to be happy for him today.  As I'm on the edge of tears for every little (well I guess not so little) thing this week, he understands. 

I look at the new pup in our life and my heart fills with love, I think of Tuxedo at the vets and my heart sinks to the pit of my stomach.  I think of Granny being home and worry about her full recovery; I look at the wonderful man I have and my heart again swells with love.  On the edge of tears both happy and sad; on the emotional roller coaster of life.  It sure is thrilling, isn't it?

I've been trying so hard to sew through all of this turmoil.  I find myself sewing a little and then sitting back in my chair and just slouching for an hour or so.  Then I will sew some more and drift more.  Up and down like the roller coaster.  Soon it will swing back around to normalcy and perhaps not be so bumpy.  But for now I will try to hold back all those tears, grin and get to work.

Sew (at least a little at a time) till next time....


Published Thu, Nov 7 2013 3:47 PM by Jenia


# re: Quilting through the emotional roller coaster@ Friday, November 8, 2013 7:18 PM

Sorry you've had to go through so much this week.  Praying that everything will work out well for you and your family.

by Karla

# re: Quilting through the emotional roller coaster@ Monday, November 11, 2013 9:40 AM

Thank you, Karla.  It's been a very busy weekend on top of it all.  Had to entirely disinfect the house even pulled up some carpet because I don't want to chance our Tuxedo getting sick again.  We wait until tomorrow (Tuesday) the blood work will determine if his disease is curable with aggressive medication or if we have to consider the worst.  Now here we go again with the downward swing, Opal, apparently has worms now.  WOW, our vet is going to be in business for a long time with just us.

by Jenia