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Sunshine Swimming or Sewing

Here in New Mexico we don't have very many rainy weekends.  Typically you will find me swimming in the swimming pool or working in the yard on the weekends.  Well, this weekend was extremely unusual.  Saturday brought clouds, wind, and rain.  A lot more rain came in over night and today, Sunday, looks like much more of the same.  Hmmmm, well what, I wonder, is one to do wit themselves when they can't go outside to enjoy a lovely day?  It didn't take long for me to hit the hoop and quilt to my hearts content!

aaaaacccckkkk!  I write these posts at home on my ipad, then I review them on a normal computer when I get to work.  Almost every time my photos appear upside down on the normal computer, but look just fine on the ipad.  What in the world?  If I make them go right side up to be viewed on a normal computer, will the ipad then show them upside down?  I will fix these and see what happens.

This photo is trying to show how gloomy it is outside.  The window looks bright, but believe me it is usually much much brighter.  Now I know how most of you guys can get so much done, you don't live where it's sunny 362 days of the year!  Usually if we have rain it rolls in at around 6 pm and is gone by miorning with bright sun shiny days to look forward to.  


Well I have moved the hoop more this weekend than I did all of last week, that is to say just once, but I believe I will move it down again by the end of today.   I will be working on the blues brothers section for another week or so I am sure. 


The gloomy weekend has also given me a chance to take over the new chair.  Last weekend we found a terrific chair and ottoman at a church rummage sale.  Well needless to say instead of becoming my quilting corner, it became a place of interest for the 4-legged family most of all Mr. Tuxedo immediately took over.  


I used to take over the futon in the other corner in the opposite side of the living room.


But the mattress on the futon isn't very comfy and its really hard on the backside.  It's nice to sleep on in the flat position, but sitting on the edge is a bit hard.   That is my bottom would hurt after a night of quilting.  While I originally thought this was a good thing, like siting on my ass quilting would some how work out my butt, haha, I only wish.  Even leaning back with the hoop in my lap didn't give me relief.    Last weekend my all-nighter created some pretty rough bruises and I realized I needed to take the time and get off that bum and move my stuff to the new chair!  

Well, hah, which would you choose?  Nice comfy padding for you aching butt, or hard slats?  The critters weren't happy, but I don't think my backside could have handled an entire rainy weekend without moving.   The chair is just too comfy, I found myself nodding off more often than not on Sunday, not to mention the sun did shine at around noon.  So I didn't really accomplish as much as I thought I would, but at least I am now officially moved to the sweet soft spot!

Sew, I will try to stay awake from my cozy quilting chair.

Published Sun, Aug 11 2013 9:24 AM by Jenia