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From Purple Haze to the Blues Brothers


July 17, 2013

One row down and 5 to go.

Last night I actually did get to finish the purple row from the a crazy Rainbow Rows.  It felt like a relief to have it completed.  Now when I look forward to the remaining 5 rows I kind of cringe.  Whose idea was this anyway?  Haha.

Heres an over all view.  See how the black edging just makes it all pop?  I really like how its turning out, it's just very very time consuming.  I am doing it all by hand as my usual method.  

I am trying to picture a detail of some of the beautiful lace and edging material I have found in the photo below, but the iPad camera doesn't seem good enought to capture the pretty styles.  I have found them mostly all on ebay at nice bargains.  The edge is an embroidered piece of webbing that I added for a little bit of length to even up the edge with the other rows.


I am buying it in smaller 5-10 yard quantities as I move through the quilt, so these that I begin with will likely be different than those that I end with.  Naturally in a crazy quilting fashion, this shouldn't be a problem with design as I will save a few pieces from the beginning to use at the end I,hope, any way.  I refuse to pay too much for the lace, so I wait until I see a good price and then go for it.

The stitches on the backside are basically invisible because of the backing fabric I chose.  I didn't want the crazy pattern to be too prominent on the backside as there was no rhyme or reason to my placing of the pieces in the rows.  So the quilting stitches are actually the sewing stitches I am using to place the lace and trim.

I will show a photo of the back later when you can see some dimpling but not really the stitches.

i am taking a break from this for a little while while I work on the first block in the BOM I signed up for 4 months ago in which I am already 3 months behind.  More on that in the Cowboys and Indians pages.

Sew, bare with me until next time when I revisit this monster and begin wit the blues.  From purple haze to the blues brothers, naming the rows silly names keeps me motivated some how, albeit strange, it's just my way of moving forward.  Jake and Elwood would be proud.

Published Wed, Jul 17 2013 10:05 PM by Jenia