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Cowboys and Indians

July 6th 2013

My "mother-in-law" Lynora, is a very sweet lady.  I put that in parenthesis because I'm not really married to her son, but we consider ourselves life-long partners.  I am sure she considers me to be her daughter-in-law because we really do get along fabulously.  We share some very common interests, have similar political views and we just seem to have one of those easy relationships where conversation is never uncomfortable.  We share many laughs and we have also cried together, yes she is my Mom-in-law in every way.  

She is 82 years young and still gets around on her own.  She's independent, still drives, still gardens and still takes on many charity cases that she really shouldn't worry about at her age.  One of these cases is our pets.  She watches our pets for us when we go on vacation or go out of town.  For this she is golden in my eyes.  It's  a 1.5 hour drive to our house for her and yet she makes the trek by herself and always brings me goodies.  She has garage sale finds for me all the time.  She has started me on an amber glass collection that is spectacular.  I don't think there's an amber piece that I don't have yet.  

She supports my quilting habit by way of bringing me fabric and always tells me how pretty she thinks my current project is.  Even if it were dirt on a string she would still shower me with flattery for the project.  

Anyway,  in tribute to my mom-in-law I wanted to make her a special quilt.  Something pretty but something of my own design as well.  I wouldn't be confident enough to make her something from my head and I have always wanted to try a block of the month.  Well, I saw this Navajo sampler from the Kokopeli quilt shop in Albuquerque and I knew it was for her.




i signed up back in March so I have three unopened packages so far



I plan on changing some of the colors and using some colors from my stash to put  my own touch on this.  I am also going to make it bigger.  This is designed only to be a lap quilt.  So I plan on using this lap quilt as the center piece and then add cowboy boots and hats around the outside so that it turns out to fit a full bed which she has.


This pattern came from the same shop.  Of course the cowboy boots and hats will be my entire color choice and boy do I have some great ideas for fabric choices!  It will likely take one boot and one hat on each side of the inner Indian pieces so I'm sure this will be another big project.  However I do believe it will help me not get too stuck in a rut working on my crazy quilt.

Lynora grew up in Montana and has lived in New Mexico most of her life, so she loves the Cowboy and Indian themes.  It's who she is on top of everything else, she is a western lady.  I want to make this so special for her.  I know she will love it, even if it turns out horrible she will still love it because I made it.  I know that sounds awfully conceited, but I have that much confidence in our relationship that I know it to be true.  It's not very often that moms-in-laws get along so fabulously with their daughters-in-law.  

It shall be made with love and great appreciation for this wonderful lady who I have had the privilege of having in my life.

Published Sat, Jul 6 2013 7:01 PM by Jenia


# re: Cowboys and Indians@ Tuesday, July 9, 2013 2:05 PM

I'm sure that it will be fabulous, just because of the love that you will put into it. I have a wonderful relationship with my mother-in-law, as well. She didn't have daughters and, although she gives equal preference to each of her four daughter-in-laws, I feel that we have a bit more. Since my mom died at a young age, she has been my mom, too.

Post pics as you go along. I know how it can be putting together a block of the month. I have one I started years ago. Got through the first two blocks and haven't gotten back to it only once. Good luck!

by Pamela