kingjenia's Blog

This is where I yap about the quilts I'm making, ideas for new quilts and little things about life that gets in the way.

About kingjenia's Blog

I'm just a novice quilter and crafty gal who has become obsessed with my new hobby.  Granny got me started and now that she's 93 I will try my best to follow,her lead.

i have 3 dogs, 1 cat and a wonderful partner in life, Jim.  He puts up with a lot from me and most importantly supports me in all my  schemes including quilting.  He's very supportive and willing to get involved  and sit and spin while I sew sew sew.

i am also known as the Pecan Lady and host cross country cyclists when they travel the southern tier across America by bicycle.  Here's a link to my hosting blog in the cycling world.

i also have a full time job as general manager of GeoInsight where we make groundwater samplers called HydraSleeves. for info.  I wear many hats in my profession and its a great place to work.

please Join me in my attempts at quilting and living a busy life