KayeWood.com Weekly Quilting and Sewing Newsletter Week of 6.20.13 - Palm Harbor Purse-O-Nalities, Fr** Pattern and Tips on Grain!

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In This Issue....

  • Today at the Cabin
  • Purse-O-Nalities from Palm Harbor Patterns
  • New in the Shop
  • DVDs of the Week
  • A Note About Our Facebook Sales
  • LoveQuilt Connection
  • A Day With Kaye Wood
  • This Week in History
  • Aspen Gold
  • You Tube
  • Suburban Quilt
  • Kaye's Tips on Grainlines
  • Craftsy
  • Australian Cruise
  • Cutting Stars With Kaye's Starmakers
  • FR** Pattern
  • T is for Ticklish
  • Q and A From Kaye
  • Show and Tell
  • Quilting The Kaye Wood Way Teacher Certification
  • Quilting Events

Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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Hi Quilters!

Today at the Cabin : The weather is cool, but beautiful, the pool has been filled and appropriately salted (in lieu of chlorine) and the grass is growing faster than I can keep up with it with my little push mower. I do love to mow the grass, it's fresh air, it's exercise and I love the smell. I also like (notice I said like and not love, lol) to rake up the clippings and feed them to my chickens, who are now in their prison pen because they like to dig and scratch up my freshly planted garden. They will stay there until the end of September or the first frost and the tomatoes are gone.

This week select patterns from the Palm Harbor Purse-O-Nalities Designs are on sale.

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Times 4 Pattern

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June Bugs Pattern


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June Garden Pattern


Regular Price $5.99

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You Can Take It With You Pattern


Regular Price $7.00

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Entirely Purse-O-Nal Pattern

Regular Price $12.00

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Cellular Purse Pattern


Regular Price $7.50

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Eyes It Pattern


Regular Price $7.50

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Perfect Purse-O-Nality


Regular Price $12.00

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In Purse-Oot of Quilting Purse Pattern


Regular Price $12.00

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New In The Shop....

Linelight Quilt Pattern

In Our Check It Out Section

Red Solo Cups Quilt Pattern

In Our Check It Out Section

Stargello Quilt Pattern

In Our Check It Out Section

Build-A-Bug Book, Soft Doll and Storage Bag Pattern

In Our Check It Out Section

Fractured Bargello Technique DVD

Regular price - $12.00

This week - $5.00 in our Sale Pages!

DVD of the Week....

Fractured Bargello Jacket

This jacket is sweatshirt based and uses the "stitch and flip" method of attaching bargello strips to the sweatshirt. You quilt the jacket as you go, so no additional quilting is needed except on the sleeve cuffs. Detailed fitting instructions included for a great fit no matter what your body shape might be.

Technique DVD is HERE

Pattern is also on sale, HERE

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The Love Quilt Connection in Sharonville, OH....

was a Success!

Click HERE for more pictures!

A Day With Kaye Wood....

American Sewing Guild

First Lutheran Church, Prescott, Az 86301

9:30 AM - November 9, 2013

For more info go HERE

This Week In History....

June is National Great Outdoors Month!
Jun 19, 1953 - Rosenbergs executed
Jun 20, 1975 - Jaws released
Jun 21, 1788 - U.S. Constitution ratified
Jun 22, 1944- FDR signs G.I. Bill
Jun 23, 1992 - Teflon Don sentenced to life
Jun 24, 1997 - U.S. Air Force reports on Roswell
Jun 25, 1876 - Battle of Little Bighorn

Aspen Gold Quilt Pattern - on our New Page!

Kaye's on YouTube....

140 (ish) shows. Check them all out... HERE

Shown here is Diamonds of Yellowstone!

See the video HERE

Suburban Quilt Pattern - Brand New!

72" x 72" | 68" x 68"

2 fast, fun and easy quilts to make from 10 x 10 inch squares.

Get yours HERE!

Kaye's Tips on Grainlines in Fabric....

There are two different grain lines in fabric. The lengthwise grain is the strongest and least likely to stretch; that makes it great for side borders in a quilt.

The cross wise grain goes across the width of the fabric (usually 42"-44" wide). This has a very little bit of stretch. Strips for quilt making are usually cut cross grain.

Any time fabric is cut off-grain, means it is not cut along one or both of the grain lines. The more off-grain the cut, the more stretch. The most stretch is on the bias (45 degrees off the grain line).


But in quiltmaking, it gets a little more complicated. Because of the way most quilting fabrics are made, they sometimes finish slightly off-grain. You have to decide if it is more important to cut it straight or the way the fabric "thinks" it is straight because of the finishing process. People who rip their fabric have the fabric as straight as it can get. But, the fabric does not necessarily "think" it is straight, and fabric remembers how it was finished.


This is what I prefer to do:

Let the fabric win this one and use it they way it "thinks" it is straight because this seems to cause less problems.

"Thinking" straight means to cut the fabric strips at a right angle (90 degrees) to the center fold.

To do this, lay the fabric as it comes from the shop with the fold at one side; the selvedges at the other side.

Place a ruler on the fabric so one of the cross-lines on the ruler lays on the fold.

Rotary cut across the fabric. Cutting at right angles to the fold keeps the fabric straight the whole length of the strip, without the dip that sometimes is at the fold.

I do not try to line up the selvedge edges, because they may or may not line up, depending on how the fabric was finished.


Prefer to pay by Paypal? Well, now you can get any of our E-Patterns and E-Books in our Craftsy Shop and pay via Paypal!

New Quilting Cruise To Australia!

Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
2014 Land Tour/Cruise to Australia and New Zealand
January 17, 2014 - February 4, 2014

Quilters Get out your Bucket List.
If you always dreamed of going to Australia, this is your chance.
And you get to go with fellow quilters. It doesn't get any better than that.

7-Day Land Tour and 11 Night Cruise on Royal Caribbean's Voyageur of the Sea

For more information about the Land Tour/Cruise, contact Carillon at Panda Travel
602-943-3383 or 800-447-2632 email Vacations@pandatravel.com

Go HERE for more info....

How To Cut Stars With Kaye's Starmakers....

You know it's Kaye's way or the highway when it comes to easy quilting methods. The whole premise behind her Starmaker Master Templates was to make Strip Piecing Stars really easy. Want the secret?

Go HERE for this original technique

Free Pattern....

Shimmering Lone Star Quilt


T is for Ticklish Pattern

79" x 81.5" | 50.5" x 60.5"

2 pre-cut friendly quilts

Q and A From Kaye....

Q: How do you put a hanging sleeve or just simply hang a circle quilt?

K: You would make a half circle sleeve and sew it across the middle. Put a dowel in the sleeve that goes across the middle of the quilt. This will keep it stable and help keep it's form. Then bend a wire coat hanger and put it in the half circle.

Q: How do I accurately measure the finished top size, when setting up the back? I would like to do some creative applique on the back, but don't know how to position it.

K: Cut the backing 4-6" larger than the top. Fold in the fourths to find the center. That should help you position the applique.

Show and Tell....

I made this quilt as a gift for my husband's nephew's wedding in September 2011. I had seen the quilt made up in my LQS, and I fell in love with it at first sight. Fortunately, the fabrics were all on sale at the time! It came together quite quickly, and I had a local quilter do the quilting on her long-arm. It measures 50" square - just perfect for the newlyweds to snuggle under!


Send in your creations. Include a picture or two and a short story about your quilt/tablerunner or wallhanging (or other) and we'll put it on our Show and Tell Page!

Send to terrye@kayewood.com

Quilting The Kaye Wood Way Teacher Certification....

Click HERE for Kaye's schedule.

List Your Event....

All across the land, Quilt Guilds and Groups are gearing up for their shows. Get yours listed!

Looking for a Quilt Show to attend? Check out our listing. If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!

Have a great week, everyone!

Terrye and Kayla