New in the Shop - Big Sky Quilt Pattern from Prairie Quilt Mercantile

Big Sky Quilt Pattern


Prairie Quilt Mercantile

We used soft browns, warm blues, and bright neutrals in this quilt to pay homage to our Canadian mountain landscapes and big open skies. Pair scrappy blocks with yardage for alternating blocks and border.

Prairie Quilt Mercantile is our newest designer.

"We're not just quilters, we are artists. Fabrics are our medium. At what point as an artist do you leave "paint by number" behind, and progress into experimenting and truly "playing" with our fabrics? If you're going to buy a house, are you going to choose one that looks the same as every other house on the street? Absolutely not! You want the one with the cute shutters, or the inviting door, or the charming porch light. Can we not quilt this way? Of course we can! It just takes a little confidence, and a little faith (and a scrappy loving friend) , and after you make your first scrappy quilt, you just might find that you've graduated, changed, grown."

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Published Tue, Apr 30 2013 11:36 AM by Kaye Wood