Quilting The Kaye Wood Way Week of 2.27.13 - Sisters Common Threads, A Survey and More Clearance Items!

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In This Issue....

  • Today at the Cabin
  • On Sale - Sisters Common Threads
  • Kaye's Got A New Tool Coming - This Week!
  • What's New in The Shop
  • DVD of the Week
  • Survey
  • YouTube
  • Bunny Ears Pattern
  • T-Shirt Quilts
  • Craftsy
  • Sew Lazy Interfacings
  • His Highness
  • New Quiz
  • Cutting Boards
  • Show and Tell
  • Dresden Plate
  • Quilting Events
  • Comments About Batting
  • This Week In History
  • Do You Read it?

Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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Hi Quilters!

Today at the Cabin : More snow. Are you getting tired of hearing that yet? I love the snow, but around the end of Feb, middle of March, I'm ready for spring. Ready to put my hands in the dirt and plant stuff, and yes, ready to ride my motorcycle! But with 2 foot of snow on the ground, and more falling as I type this, it might be awhile.....

Sisters Common Threads is our featured designer this week.

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Cord Chaos Charger and Cord Organizer Pattern

Pattern Reg price $9.00

This week $7.00

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Last week we offered a "One reader gets their order fr** today" and that winner was Kathleen from Florida who ordered a Lazy and Lovin' It Book and Ruler. Congratulations, Joni!

Here we go again! All orders ordered either over the internet or called in today, Wednesday 2.27, 2013 will go into a hat and we will pick out one that will get their order FR**!!

There's no criteria for this one, no minimum order, no exclusions of international orders, nothing. ALL orders placed Feb 27, 2013 will be eligible! Good Luck!!

What's On Sale....

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Dolls on the Go Garment Bag, Double Sided 12 Pocket Accessory Bag and Carrying Case for your 18" Doll!

Regular Price is $9.00

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What a Bag Expandable Bag Pattern

Regular Price is $8.00

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Pantry Bag Pattern

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Braid Me Up Scotty Bag Pattern

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Caddy Pad Plus Hot Iron Carrier Pattern with Heat Resistant Fabric

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Cozy Toes Slipper Pattern with non-skid sole

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Chameleon Bag Interchangeable Cover Pattern

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Set of 3 Mini Chalkboards

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New In The Shop....

This Week!!

Kaye has a brand new quilting tool, available soon. Every quilter will need a set. They are called XTenders. Keep an eye on the site, they are here and we'll get them put up this week!

Brand new - Holiday House Monthly patterns featuring a new design each month. This one, March features an Irish Pub. Each pattern includes the windows to make it easier.

In Our Check It Out Section

Cool Breeze Sailboat Quilt Pattern

In Our Check It Out Section

Sunflower Swirl Big Sur Tote Pattern

In Our Check It Out Section

Cottontale Rabbit Pattern

In Our Check It Out Section

View & Do Technique DVD

Regular price - $9.95

This week - $5.00 in our Sale Pages!

DVD of the Week....

Quilting The Kaye Wood Way!

This 30 minute View & Do DVD highlights the techniques Kaye uses while fussy cutting with her View & Do Shapes.

If you love working with Kaye's View & Do Shapes, you have to have this DVD.

Get the DVD HERE


Do you have a favorite quilting and sewing charity?

If so, what is it? Let us know, at terrye@kayewood.com and thanks for participating.

Results will be in next week's newsletter.

Kaye's on YouTube....

140 (ish) shows. Check them all out... HERE

Shown here is the Stained Glass Iris Quilt.

This quilt can be made from embroidered blocks or from printed fabric blocks.

The beautiful 3 dimensional embroidered and appliqued flowers, are fussy-cut (centered) inside diamond shapes. Light and dark borders are added to the diamonds to give an added depth to the design. Size: 23" x 38"

Get the pattern HERE

Bunny Ears Pattern - Brand New!

Dimensions: 11" x 21"

Get yours HERE!

T-Shirt Quilts

I was wondering if you have a pattern for making a quilt out of t-shirts? My friends son passed away and he had lots of tie-dyed t-shirts. We thought it would be nice to make them into a quilt. We have seen it done, but don't know where to start. Thank you in advance of any help or patterns. Ginny a faithful reader.

Iron on interfacing is the way I'd do it. Use it on the back part of the shirt you wish to use. Then you can cut it into squares, circles, wedges or whatever shapes you need for the particular design you're using.


Prefer to pay by Paypal? Well, now you can get any of our E-Patterns and E-Books in our Craftsy Shop and pay via Paypal!

Sew Lazy Interfacings....

New and Extremely Popular!

Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Fame has designed her own line of interfacing for those of us who quilt and sew.

This stuff totally ROCKS!

7 different interfacings/stabilizers for everything you need to do.

  • Iron On Vinyl
  • Face It Soft
  • Face It Firm
  • Stiff Stuff Lite
  • Iron On Vinyl
  • Stiff Stuff Firm
  • Fusi-Bond Lite
  • Dreamy Sew In High Loft Fleece
  • Check them all out HERE

His Highness Pattern

Bring nature right into your home with this a stunning and artistic wall hanging by McKenna Ryan! Inspired and created in her Island Nest studio in Washington's Puget Sound, this wall hanging features McKenna's specialty fabrics and batiks by Hoffman. With simple iron on applique, this wall hanging will go together in a snap. Perfect for gifts, too!

In Our Clearance Pages

New Quiz....

Our answers to last week's quiz are in red.

Our winner last week was cpup. Congratulations, I've sent you an email.

1.Where might one find the language of flowers?
  • Baltimore Album Quilts
  • Crazy Quilts
  • Applique Quilts
  • All of the Above

2. What innovation in quilting was introduced at the Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia?

  • The Crazy Quilt
  • The first electric iron
  • Rotary Cutters

3. What do these things have in common: Hand of Friendship, Duck's Foot in the Mud, Bear's Paw?

  • They are the names of square dance movements
  • They are the titles of Victorian Children's stories
  • They are different names for the same patchwork pattern
  • They were popular applique patterns during the late 1800's

4. What are the following names: Turkey Red, Indigo Blue, Double Pink, Nile Green?

  • Crayola crayon colors
  • Watercolor paint colors
  • Rainbow Brite's friends
  • Fabric colors

5.What do the following have in common: Baby Block, Thousand Pyramids, Trip Around the World?

  • Children's toys/games
  • Patterns of Asian origin
  • One-patch patchwork patterns

6. Which quiltmaking technique has always been done by machine

  • Seminole patchwork
  • Prairie Points
  • Miniature quilts

Keep Your Cutting Board From Warping

If space is limited and you do not want to always bend over and get the board out from under the bed, make your own portfolio, for storing and carrying her broad to classes.

Go to your friendly appliance store and get a box that will fit the board. Cut two sides, or cut a size that can include the fold of the box. Cover it with a thin fleece or flannel....place the mat inside and use some extra stripes that you may have had from an earlier project. This way you can stand it up behind a cabinet, bed head board, or in the closet until the next time you need it. I have done this for years and it's cheap and efficient, so that I have more money for other items.

Show and Tell....

Kites made from quilting patterns.......Cliff and Geri

Send in your creations. Include a picture or two and a short story about your quilt/tablerunner or wallhanging (or other) and we'll put it on our Show and Tell Page!

Send to terrye@kayewood.com

Dresden Plate

I have a desire to make a Dresden Plate quilt using 14 petals, but can not find a pattern. Is it possible to create a pattern or should I scrap this idea? Beverly

K: It is possible, but we don't have a template to do that. Here is a formula that you may be able to create one with. 360 (degrees) divided by 14 (number of petals) would be the formula to find the angle. Good luck!

List Your Event....

All across the land, Quilt Guilds and Groups are gearing up for their shows. Get yours listed!

Looking for a Quilt Show to attend? Check out our listing. If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!

Comment about Batting....

I don't have a question, but a comment on what people used for batting. I have a quilt that has sugar sacks for batting and I know one person who, in this day and age, collected milkweed to stuff a pillow with.

This Week In History....

March is.... National Nutrition Month
Feb 27, 1827 New Orleanians take to the streets for Mardi Gras
Feb 28, 1953 Watson and Crick discover chemical structure of DNA
Mar 01, 1932 Lindbergh baby kidnapped
Mar 02, 1904 Dr. Seuss born
Mar 03, 1887 Helen Keller meets her miracle worker
Mar 04, 1933 FDR inaugurated
Mar 05, 1963 Hula-Hoop patented

Do You Read It?

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Have a great week, everyone,

Terrye and Kayla

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