Quilting The Kaye Wood Way Week of 10.10.12 - The Wooden Bear!

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  • On Sale -The Wooden Bear
  • TwinStar Collection
  • It's HERE!!
  • What's New in The Shop
  • Tips and Humor from Kaye
  • Brand New
  • DVD of the Week
  • Craftsy
  • Attention All Quilters....
  • Kaye's Techniques
  • Quilting Cruises
  • Q and A With Kaye
  • All About Denim
  • Quilting Events
  • This Week In History
  • Kaye's on YouTube

Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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Hi Quilters!

Well, it's happened! Peak color season has come and gone, and now the cold rain and blustery winds are in full force, taking any remaining leaves with them.

And because everyone LOVES seasonal quilting, we've chosen The Wooden Bear to be our featured designer this week.

They do whimsical. They do cute and cuddly. And they do seasonal!

Start on our sale page to see our entire line of The Wooden Bear patterns, patternlets and books. Lots of clearance items too....

All on our SALE PAGE

What's On Sale....

All this and MORE on our Sale Page!

Candy Corn Patternlet

On Our Sale Page!

Everything Scarecrow Sweatshirt, Pillow and Towel Pattern

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Fall Sampler Pattern

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Farmers Market Book

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Country Angel Pattern

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Hanging Santa Pattern

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Hugs and Holly Book

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October Scare Pattern

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TwinStar Collection

TwinStar Collection!

Kaye's TwinStar Jacket Pattern is the star of this show, but wait, you also get Vests To Dye For, Terrific Triangles, Serger Patchwork Projects, Sunny Skies, Patchwork Pyramids, Starring The Eagle, Savage Star and Sensational Seminole.

All in all there are 7 patterns and 2 books in this collection. They are sure to sell out fast at this price, so hurry - only $15.00!

PLEASE NOTE.... Shipping on this product will be $6.00!

It's Here....

Kaye's New UPDATED 6 Hour Quilt Pattern

These updated techniques for the 6 Hour Quilt, our most popular pattern ever, include input from

viewers who have made this quilt. It also includes new directions for a "Tag Along Buddy Quilt", which is a small quilt with a satin binding for the toddler who needs a special quilt to tag along with mom and a new baby.

Also included are directions for making this quilt in more sizes, from small to double-quilt size.

This is still the perfect quilt for a child, a grandchild or a charity quilt.

It can be dragged around, washed and dried, cuddled up, and wrapped around.

Go here to order.....

What's New....

Curves, Squares, Flip Flops and Name That Quilt!

Tips and Humor From Kaye....

Kaye meets many people and sees many things while she travels. She always comes back with a couple of humorous stories to tell. Here is one of them.

We Get Letters!

"Thanks for the great show. I'll continue to watch as long as it is good."

"As a pagan high priestess of my coven, I really appreciate the pentagon designs."

"I attended your seminars and learned a lot of wonderful tricks and tips that will make my quilting more enjoyable. You have such sensible techniques for beautiful results."

"Every Saturday morning I order a new book of yours. Give me a break! Get dull for awhile."

"I watch your show every week, but only after I go to church."

"Please send me all I need to know about Quilt In A Day Lap Strip Quilting. Is there a charge?"

"You make me glad I'm not a size 6."

All Cracked Up

My very first quilting TV series was taped in a real log cabin home that we "borrowed" for the shoot. During the taping, I started hearing cracking noises. You soon learn that most noises in the studio are not picked up on the mike, so you continue until the director stops the shoot. The cracking noises continued, and just as we finished taping the show, the large window above me shattered completely. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Brand New - An Oldie But Goodie....

(Can it be new if it's an oldie? Sure it can. Check it out....)

Kaye's Stardust Quilt has been electrified!


DVD of the Week....

Lazy Girl Tips and Techniques DVD

Regular price for this DVDs is $24.95,

but this week, only $10.00!


Prefer to pay by Paypal? Well, now you can get any of our E-Patterns and E-Books in our Craftsy Shop and pay via Paypal!

Attention All Quilters - Your Opinion Is Needed....

Kaye Asks....

Do you have a perfect iron for piecing your quilts?
I know what I want, but haven't found it yet.
I might have to have it made.
This is what I want: cordless, no steam, flat bottom, no auto shut-off, in-expensive.
Let me know what you want in a quilter's iron?

Email me HERE

Kaye's Techniques....

Make Sleeve For Hanging Your Quilts... Kaye explains her methods....


Quilting Cruises....


Leave your sewing machines at home.
Sewing machines used on the ship are sponsored by


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Cabins and Classes will fill fast. We suggest you book by September 30, 2012.

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Not Included: Kit fees for classes which will be paid to instructor at class time, Air transportation, transfers, items of a personal nature such as shore and land excursions, specialty restaurant fees, some beverages, photographs, gratuities/service fees, medical services, etc. All prices in US Dollars.

We are going to have a
Wackiest Cruise Outfit contest for the cruise.
Wacky Cruise Clothing Day: You could win $250. February 22nd has been designated as Wacky Cruise Clothing Day for our group only. Wear your wackiest cruise clothing and you could win $250. Second place will win $150 and third place will win $75.

If you have questions please call 800-473-9464

To sign-up for this cruise contact
Bonnie Greenberg at CruiseOne at 800-784-4480

Click HERE for more details!

Q and A With Kaye....

Q: Why buy fat quarters and not just use old scraps and pieces?
A: Of course you can use old scraps and pieces, but the fat quarters give quilters more of a variety without buying a lot of fabric that may end up unused.

Q: Which of your patterns would be good to enlarge to a King Size quilt
A: Both of my patterns, Stacking My Blocks and also Hearts in Bloom are able to be made bigger. The yardage requirements for 4 different sizes as well as the instructions are included in both!

Q: What is a good general rule for pressing on pieced quilting patterns?

A: A general rule is to always press toward the darker fabric, this eliminates the darker fabric showing through the lighter fabric.

Q: Do you prefer to use bias or straight bindings on your quilts?

A: Actually I prefer straight binding. It's easier to put on, looks better and uses less fabric. I use bias binding for scalloped and curved edges. You can use bias binding for straight edges if you prefer.

Kaye has more tips and techniques on her tips page, http://www.kayewood.com/tips.html

Quilt Trivia....

Denim Defined....

If someone asked you to define Denim, what exactly would your answer be?

DENIM: A sturdy, indigo-dyed cotton fabric available in various weights and qualities that is used to make jeans. Why is it different from other twills? Well, it is woven with a dyed warp yarn and natural fill yarn (weft), resulting in it's characteristic wear-down qualities.

Where does the word Denim come from: It is actually an Americanization of the French name "serge de Nimes," a fabric which originated in Nimes, France during the middle ages. In 1864, Webster's dictionary listed the shortened English version: Denim.

Denim Trivia....

If the yards of denim were laid out, you could create a four-lane denim highway more than 60,000 miles long. Now, that's a lot of denim.

Denim comes in many varieties and most of us don't know each one.

Broken Twill: This is a 3x1 weave where the twill rib does not run in a straight diagonal line, but instead it changes direction. Why? This reduces fabric torque.

Carding: This is the process in which the cotton fibers are cleaned.

Cotton fiber: All denim begins with cotton fiber.

Faux Ring-Spun: This makes denim fabric appear to be ring-spun.

Filling Yarn: Also knows as weft yarn.

Left-Handed Twill: This produces a diagonal line.

Open-ended: This open-ended spinning was introduced in the 1970's. This makes the yarn faster and less expensive.

Check next week's newsletter for more....

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This Week In History....

Oct 10, 1985 Achille Lauro hijacking ends
Oct 11, 2002 Jimmy Carter wins Nobel Prize
Oct 12, 1492 Columbus reaches the New World
Oct 13, 1792 White House cornerstone laid
Oct 14, 1947 Yeager breaks sound barrier
Oct 15, 1917 Mata Hari executed
Oct 16, 1934 The Long March

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Have a great week, everyone!

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Terrye and Kayla

Published Wed, Oct 10 2012 2:26 PM by Kaye Wood