Kaye Wood's 6 Hour Quilt - This Week on our YouTube Channel - Updated Version Available....

Today on Kaye Wood's YouTube Channel

Kaye's 6 Hour Quilt- Now Updated And In A New Format!

These updated techniques for the 6 Hour Quilt, our most popular pattern ever, include input from

viewers who have made this quilt. It also includes new directions for a "Tag Along Buddy Quilt", which
is a small quilt with a satin binding for the toddler who needs a special quilt to tag along with mom and a new

Also included are directions for making this quilt in more sizes, from small to double-quilt size.

This is still the perfect quilt for a child, a grandchild or a charity quilt.

It can be dragged around, washed and dried, cuddled up, and wrapped around.

And go HERE to get the DVD (on sale this week!)

And go HERE to get this updated version!

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Published Fri, Sep 28 2012 12:44 PM by Kaye Wood