Quilting The Kaye Wood Way Week of 9.18.12 - Frost On The Pumpkin This Morning!

In This Issue....

  • On Sale -McKenna Ryan!
  • TwinStar Collection Blowout
  • It's HERE!!
  • What's New in The Shop
  • Tips and Humor from Kaye
  • DVD of the Week
  • Craftsy
  • Kaye Asks You....
  • Kaye's Techniques
  • Quilting Cruises
  • Q and A With Kaye
  • Quilt Appraiser Guidelines
  • Quilt Trivia
  • Quilting Events
  • Survey
  • This Week In History
  • Kaye's on YouTube
Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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Hi Quilters!

So, Frost, eh?

Yup, white crunchy grass, leaves on the ground, the ferns in the woods are dead or dying and the caterpillars are noticeably fuzzy.

This week we are featuring McKenna Ryan's gorgeous patterns. We haven't gotten her entire line in yet, just some of the fall and winter items, but very nice patterns!

Plus, LOTS of items from our Clearance Shelves....

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What's On Sale....

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TwinStar Collection!

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What's New....

Wow. So Many New Products For Fall (and - GASP!! - Winter)

Tips and Humor From Kaye....

Kaye meets many people and sees many things while she travels. She always comes back with a couple of humorous stories to tell. Here is one of them.

Quilt Show

After flying in to teach at a national show, I was told to call the hotel to get a shuttle from the airport.

This was a very small airport, and I was the only passenger left waiting. Soon a police car approached with lights blinking and sirens sounding.The policeman got out of the car and asked, "Are you Kaye Wood?"

"Who wants to know?"

"If you are Kaye Wood, I'm here to give you a ride to the hotel."

"Then I'm Kaye Wood. I've never sat in the front seat of a police car before."

"How many times have you been in the back of the car?"

We started driving without the lights and sirens. I commented on this, and he asked if I wanted them on. So we drove to the hotel with the full works.Then he proceeded to carry my bags into the hotel saying, "I work as a driver and bellman during the quilt week."

DVD of the Week....

Joan Hawley's Lazy Girl Tips and Techniques DVD

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Kaye Asks....

To all you quilters.

Do you have a perfect iron for piecing your quilts?
I know what I want, but haven't found it yet.
I might have to have it made.
This is what I want: cordless, no steam, flat bottom, no auto shut-off, in-expensive.
Let me know what you want in a quilter's iron?

Email me HERE

Kaye's Techniques....

From Strips To Stars... Kaye explains her methods....


Quilting Cruises....


Leave your sewing machines at home.
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Not Included: Kit fees for classes which will be paid to instructor at class time, Air transportation, transfers, items of a personal nature such as shore and land excursions, specialty restaurant fees, some beverages, photographs, gratuities/service fees, medical services, etc. All prices in US Dollars.

We are going to have a
Wackiest Cruise Outfit contest for the cruise.
Wacky Cruise Clothing Day: You could win $250. February 22nd has been designated as Wacky Cruise Clothing Day for our group only. Wear your wackiest cruise clothing and you could win $250. Second place will win $150 and third place will win $75.

If you have questions please call 800-473-9464

To sign-up for this cruise contact
Bonnie Greenberg at CruiseOne at 800-784-4480

Click HERE for more details!

Q and A With Kaye....

Q: What is the "rule of thumb" on the amount of shrinkage on a quilt?

K: The shrinkage in a quilt will depend on the batting. A very thin batting will shrink very little, while heavier ones tend to have more shrinkage. You should always follow the directions for your batting and fabric to see if it should be pre-washed. That avoids any surprises later on.

Q: What is the general requirements on how much fabric to purchase for a quilt?

K: For the quilt top a twin size will generally take 6 yds., a full size 8 yds., a queen 10 yds. while a king would be 12 yds. These are estimations based on the quilts I've made.

Q: When you want to make a crazy quilt from clothing, where should you start?

K: Start in the center of a square. Add an odd sized piece and another sewing right sides down. Keep adding pieces till it's the size you want. Any size or color fabric can be used,

Q: What is the best thing to use for getting spray adhesive off a cutting board?

K: I normally use rubbing alcohol.

Q: Which do you prefer to use for applique', a gluestick or fusible web?

K: I prefer to use the Lite Steam A Seam II.

Q: What is the best way to preserve your patterns?

K: I have found the best way is to adhere them to clear contact paper. That way they should be protected no matter what you come across.

Have You Ever Though About....

Being a quilt appraiser? Check out the guidelines from AQS HERE

Quilt Trivia....

Singer Sewing Machine

Isaac Merrit Singer ran away from his Owego, NY home in 1825, when he was only 12 years old. He joined a band of traveling players and remained an actor until he was 24 when he decided to "get a real job." He worked at a machine shop, but continued as an actor part time. In 1850 Singer headed to Boston with a device he had created to carve wood-block type. It never caught on, but, while he was in Boston, Singer became interested in another device - the sewing machine. Such machines were rare, and those that did exist were large and unreliable. He borrowed $40.00 from a friend and started working on his own version of the machine.

In 1851 Singer received a patent for the device. It attracted the attention not only of tailors, but also of Elias Howe, often credited as the inventor of the sewing machine. Howe had patented his machine in 1846. He sued Singer, but they soon settled. Under their agreement, Singer and Howe pooled their patents and each received five dollars from every sewing machine sold. Singer was not sentimental about his machine. "I don't care a damn for the invention. The dimes are what I'm after," he once said. Singer's business partner, a man named Edward Clark was responsible for another invention - the installment payment plan. This payment option made sewing machines affordable for the first time in many homes.

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This Week In History....

Sep 19, 1957 Nevada is site of first-ever underground nuclear explosion
Sep 20, 1973 King triumphs in Battle of Sexes
Sep 21, 1780 Benedict Arnold commits treason
Sep 22, 1862 Lincoln issues Emancipation Proclamation
Sep 23, 1875 Billy the Kid arrested for first time
Sep 24, 1789 The First Supreme Court
Sep 25, 1957 Central High School integrated

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Have a great week, everyone!

Terrye and Kayla

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