Quilting The Kaye Wood Way Week of 6.6.12 - Whistlepig Creek Designs and All About Zippers....

In This Issue....

  • On Sale - Whistlepig Creek Designs
  • TwinStar Mega Sale
  • What's New in The Shop
  • Tips and Humor from Kaye
  • Quilting Cruises
  • Quilting Events
  • Fun Facts For Today
  • On Zippers
  • Kaye's on YouTube
  • Show and Tell
  • June Is
Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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Hi Quilters!

Wow! Seems like we're getting 1 nice day, 1 cloudy day and then 3 days of rain. Starting to look like a rain forest up here! But, on the up side.... it's GREAT quilting weather!

This week, we're bringing you one of our favorites, Whistlepig Creek Designs. (How can you not love that name??)

Every pattern from Whistlepig Creek this week is $6.00 or less. Purses, Totes, Kids stuff, bedrunners, seasonal patterns, ereader patterns, backpacks and, of course, QUILTS!!

Read on....

Mosaique De Mer Bedrunner and Pillow Shams Pattern

On Our Sale Page!

What's On Sale....

Whistlepig Creek! Their logo says "We Do Whimsical" and they do, but they also do classic and practical. And.. every Whistlepig Creek pattern in our store is $6.00 or less!

All that and MORE on our Sale Page!

Little Sister Tote Bag Pattern

On Our Sale Page!


On Our Sale Page!

Color Me Mine Kids Apron Pattern

On Our Sale Page!

Picnic at the Farmer's Market Placemat, Tabletopper, Hot Pad and Napkin Pattern

On Our Sale Page!

I Cozy Palooza Pattern

On Our Sale Page!

Pinwheels on a Dime Quilt and Pillow Pattern

On Our Sale Page!

Wild Goose Chase Quilt Pattern

On Our Sale Page!

Stars on Point Quilt Pattern

and LOTS more!

On Our Sale Page!

TwinStar MegaSale

Kaye's TwinStar Jacket Pattern is the star of this show, but wait, you also get Vests To Dye For, Terrific Triangles, Serger Patchwork Projects, Sunny Skies, Patchwork Pyramids, Starring The Eagle, Savage Star and Sensational Seminole.

All in all there are 7 patterns and 2 books in this collection. They are sure to sell out fast at this price, so hurry!
As another bonus.... Buy this collection and get the TwinStar DVD for another $5.00 (regularly priced at $12.00)

PLEASE NOTE.... Shipping on this product will be $6.00!

What's New....

Tips and Humor From Kaye....

In the Quilter's Dream World, the rows would all be the same length. But we live in the Real World. The rows may not be the same length, and that's ok. Since quilting is supposedto be fun, and ripping out is not fun we are NOT going to rip things out! To make this easier, trim longer strips so all strips are the same length. Trim an equal amount from the top and bottom of each strip. But, to help improve your skills, there are reasons why the rows may not be the same length.
  • Were the strips all cut the same width and cut accurately?
  • Were the seam allownces all the same?
  • Did you press with steam, from the right side of the fabric?

Quilting Cruises....

We are going to have a wackiest cruise outfit contest for the cruise.

Round Bobbin Sew Fun Cruise, February 16 - 23, 2013, Western Caribbean on the Royal Caribbean Navigator of the Seas.
Wear your wackiest cruise outfit and you could win $250.

Wacky Cruise Clothes Day will be held during the cruise only for our group. One person from our group will win $250 for the wackiest cruise clothes. Second place will win $100, third place will win $75. Get ready, register today for the cruise and start working on your wacky cruise outfit.

Be one of the first 100 people to reserve a cabin on the Round Bobbin Sew Fun Cruise and receive an AccuQuilt Baby Go and Dye.
For information on the cruise visit www.roundbobbin.com or call 800-473-9464.

Join us on our next quilting cruise, Feb 16-23, 2013 in the Caribbean.

Click HERE for more details!


Polar Bear... Just Because....

List Your Event....

All across the land, Quilt Guilds and Groups are gearing up for their shows. Get yours listed!

Looking for a Quilt Show to attend? Check out our listing. If you have an upcoming event or show you'd like to post on our events page, just click the link!

Fun Facts For Today, June 6, 2012....

June 6 - In a very early draft of Raiders of the Lost Ark, Indiana Jones carried brass knuckles instead of a bullwhip.

On Zippers....

The "Hookless Fastener" invented by Gideon Sundback doesn't really have the right ring to it when it comes to marketing the product today, although back in 1914 it probably sounded fine. Early versions of the product were used in the First War and, as with many products, the exposure received in such times may well have laid a good foundation for the product to be more popular when times became less troubled. The development of the product showed a logical and systematic approach that might be expected to result in a successful invention - an invention that met a series of needs - of both the consumer and the manufacturers who would have to make it in large numbers.A manufacturer of boots placed an order for the fastener and so helped it's popularity but the fastener was only eventually used in clothes production during the 1930's. The original inventor of the "zip" was Elias Howe (1851 patent) (who incidentally also invented the sewing machine) with an improvement to the zip by Whitcomb Judson in 1891, although his version depended more on a hook and eye system that was opened and closed with a slider. His design was for boots and it is ironic that the order for Sundback's fastener took off because of an order from a boot company too.

From Inventors and Inventions on the Design Technology Info Site

Kaye's on YouTube....


Are you having problems with a particular video? Let us know what you are experiencing and the name of the video so I can check it out!

Show 'N Tell....


This is the split 9 patch that I cut too many squares for and so I used the many leftovers in the D9patch quilt shown......Linda

Submit your creations to us. We'll put them on our Show 'N Tell page and in the newsletter! Be sure to send a picture as well as the story behind your quilt, wallhanging, tablerunner, or....

send them to terrye@kayewood.com?subject="show-n-tell"

June is....

  • Aquarium Month
  • Candy Month
  • Dairy Month
  • Gay Pride Month
  • National Accordion Awareness Month
  • National Adopt a Cat Month
  • National Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Month
  • Rose Month
  • Turkey Lovers Month

Hope you have a Great Week. If it's raining where you are, remember to look for the rainbow later!

Terrye and Kayla

Published Wed, Jun 6 2012 11:07 AM by Kaye Wood