Quilting The Kaye Wood Way - Week of 9.7.11 - Fall on the Farm!

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  • What's On Sale
  • Quilting Indulgences Boxes
  • Funny Stories and Signs Needed!
  • Novi, MI
  • Show and Tell
  • What's New
  • KayeWoodTV.com
  • Tips
  • Sewing Machine Maintenance
  • September Is....
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  • This Day in History
  • QSC Expos
Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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Kaye's Schedule

  • 9.21-9.26 -- Novi, MI
  • 10.8 -- West Branch, MI
  • 10.28-10.31 -- Houston, TX

Contact Info:
Kaye Wood, Inc
PO Box 456
West Branch, MI


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Hi Quilters!
A lot of you have asked about the inspiration behind the pictures in the newsletters. Very simply, they are what's going on in our lives up here at that particular time of the year. This week you'll see farm pics in autumn, cord wood stacked up, mums and the wildflower of Summer's last hurrah - the goldenrod. Enjoy them! They are always courtesy of Google Images!

What's On Sale....

Candy Corn! We all love it, and this time of year, what's better than candy corn and apple cider?

This week, you can get the Candy Corn Pattern, FREE with any shipped order (does not include ebooks or epatterns). PLUS.... get the View & Do Octagon to make the Candy Corn Pattern for only $12.00! See below to get your free pattern!

Here's the kicker.... The View & Do Octagon Shape is already on sale, on our sale page. NOW, to get the Candy Corn Pattern FREE - enter CANDY into our Promotional Coupon Section!


Don't forget all of the other items on our sale pages, clearance items, discontinued merchandise, and other discounted patterns.....

September Quilting Indulgences Boxes! - FRIDAY MORNING, Eastern Standard Time. They will first be advertised in the newsletter, then an hour later the blog, then FaceBook

Funny Stories and Signs Needed.

The commercial was for a well known medication. In giving the presentation the side effects were being listed as, "If you experience........and death, tell your physician immediately."

Send us pictures of your funny signs!

Kaye's Next Show is in Novi, MI , 9.21-9.26 at the American Sewing Expo

Click over to HERE to read all about this fun show!

Call For Show and Tell Entries....

Send them in so we can feature your creations!

Email your pictures and the story behind them to terrye@kayewood.com

What's New In Our Store....

We've added quite a few new items this week.

Welcome Peace

This is a Petal Play Pattern. Using the universal symbol of peace, the Dove and the Pineapple that symbolizes Welcome and framed with an olive branch, this is the perfect wallhanging to compliment your home.

Scenic View!

Does your camera take scenic or panoramic views? Take advantage of this pattern and make your own Scenic View.

This pattern is an excellent showcase for wonderful scenic fabrics. This pattern uses innovative piecing techniques and is suitable for intermediate quilters.

Quick to make and way easier than it looks!

The pattern includes a lap size 56"x 71" and a table runner 26"x 50".

This Week on KayeWoodTV.com!

Joan Hawley of Lazy Girl Designs Chelsea Tote!

This is an oldie but a goodie! And just in time for school. It's a bag, it's a tote, and it's a backpack! And it's super easy. You'll be rocking the school scene in style with this fun pack.

Features Joan's NO FEAR Zipper Technique!

Chelsea Tote, Bag, Backpack pattern

Reader's Hints, Tips and Techniques....

When making a quilt for somebody special I always try to use material that matches their personality or pick something that reflects their likes or hobbies. This way it is truly made just for them and they really seem to treasure the quilt, just as I do them.

Is this a sewing or a gardening tip? I save all my selvage strips and wind them onto an ever-growing ball (kinda like those rubber band balls) then it comes out to the garden with me and I use them to tie up vegetables and raspberry vines. It gives a little quirky color to the veg garden....Robin

A special THANKS to the folks at Quilts Like Crazy for this article on Sewing Machine Maintenance!
  • Proper machine maintenance can help you avoid many of the problems that occur. Because there are a variety of machines, the following is a basic checklist to use as a guide only:
    Keep your machine covered when not in use. Everyday dust can find its way into the smallest crevices and if you have pets you know all about that pet hair.
    Keep your machine unplugged when not in use. A power surge could really damage those boards.
    Use the bobbins that are recommended for the machine. There are plenty of generic brands, but why take the chance.
    Use the proper needle for the fabric that is being sewn.

Change your needle at least every 8 hours of sewing. Occasionally, even a new needle will have a defect, so if you are sewing and hear a "tick, tick, tick" or other strange sound - change the needle. Needles are inexpensive compared to the machine.
Clean the tension discs by raising the pressure foot to release the tension. Run a lint free cloth through the discs.
After completing each project, open the areas that are accessible and clean with the lint brush that was provided with your machine.
Read the Manual that came with the machine for the suggested maintenance of your model.
Take your machine in for a "Well Check-up" at least once a year depending on the hours spent sewing. A certified repair person can check the timing and clean in areas that you cannot reach.

September is . . . .
  • Classical Music Month
  • Hispanic Heritage Month
  • Fall Hat Month
  • International Square Dancing Month
  • National Blueberry Popsicle Month
  • National Courtesy Month
  • National Piano Month
  • Chicken Month
  • Baby Safety Month
  • Little League Month
  • Honey Month
  • Self Improvement Month
  • Better Breakfast Month
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    This Day in History....
    • 1822 Brazil declared its independence from Portugal.
    • 1901 The Boxer Rebellion in China officially ended with the signing of the Peking Protocol (Peace of Beijing).
    • 1940 Nazi Germany began its initial blitz on London during World War II.
    • 1979 The Entertainment and Sports Programming Network (ESPN) made its debut on cable TV.
    • 1986 Desmond Tutu became the first black to lead the Anglican Church in southern Africa.

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    September in Cincinnati!

    Have A Great Week!

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