Quilting The Kaye Wood Way Newsletter Week of 5.18.11 Ready To Read! Sewing Machine Maintenance, Blocks for the Brave and New Pattern Coming!

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Hi Quilters!

Summer weather hasn't quite settled in in Northern Michigan yet. I have been busy finishing up several new patterns. Samples have to be sewn and instructions written. A few of them should be ready this summer.

Really, really cleaning my sewing studio is on the to-do list, but I must admit it keeps getting shoved further back every day. I would rather be sewing.

We are all busy getting kits ready for my classes on the quilting cruise that leaves Port Canaveral on June 5 for the Eastern Caribbean. For one of the classes, I have completely redone the Savage Star pattern with only two color families (red and black). The center diamonds are fussy cut using the View & Do Diamond Shape. The bordering strips can be cut with either the Diamond Shape or the Starmaker 6, as in the original pattern. This new version will be available later this summer. If you are going on the cruise, Kayla and I will see you on board.

I will be in Colorado Springs for a few days to attend the HS graduation of one of my granddaughters, Lisa. If you have a copy of my book, The 6 Hour Quilt, you can see Lisa's picture on the back.

I hope to see some of you in Reno, NV or in Fairbanks, AK this summer.

What's On Sale....

Kaye's own Spinning Diamonds Quilt pattern 1 Cent with purchase of either the Starmaker 6 Master Template or the Spinning Diamonds DVD!

Spinning Diamonds

Strip sets are cut then placed together so the diamonds spin in a hexagon around the quilt top. This design only looks complicated when you follow the techniques that Kaye Wood has developed. Uses the Starmaker 6 (sold separately).

Size: 54" x 47"

Starmaker 6 Master Template

The Starmaker 6 will make perfect 6-pointed stars, that's what the 6 means. But, it is also a master template for many quilt patterns, triangles and wedges, Log Cabin diamonds, 12 piece circles, Dresden Plates and stars.

Spinning Diamonds DVD

Watch Kaye create strip sets that when placed together the diamonds, spin in a hexagon around the quilt top.

Check out our Sale Page for more bargains, clearance items, hurt patterns coming back from the shows and lots of other one of a kind items!!

What's New In Our Store....

Life in the Meadow - Electronic Version.

Fussy Cut Pentagon frame the birds in the birdhouses. Easy, and fast, using Kaye's new View & Do Pentagon Shape.

45mm Rotary Cutter from Clover. Soft cushioned handle, easy on the hands.

Magnet Pin Cushion From Clover. Available in Pink, Purple (shown) and Green

Skirting the Christmas Tree or Table Topper using the 120 Degree Triangle Ruler from Creative Grids.

Brand New on KayeWoodTV.com!

Kaye's Spinning Diamonds.

Strip sets are cut then placed together so the diamonds spin in a hexagon around the quilt top. This design only looks complicated when you follow the techniques that Kaye Wood has developed. Uses the Starmaker 6 (sold separately).

Size: 54" x 47"

DVD available of project being featured on Kaye's Quilting Friends TV program K2009.

See above for our special 1 cent sale on this pattern!

Our Reader's Show and Tell....

This is called "OMYGOSHQUILT"and it reall was oh my gosh what was I thinking! The little blocks are one inch, they nearly drove me out of my mind but they look good when finished. - Helen

Here is a photo of my finished "Tumbling Stars Centerpiece". I had a great time learning to make this. - Sylvia

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Reader's Hints, Tips and Techniques....

Always label your quilts with your name, the date, and any other important information about the quilt.Like washing instructions....Karol

I learned the hard way to always use a cutting guide with my rotary cutter and to put the blade guard in place when not in use....Shari

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Kaye shares her ideas on Sewing Machine Maintenance.

The outside of your machine can be cleaned with a damp rag. A mild cleaner can be sprayed onto the cloth before cleaning.

Lint from fabric and thread needs to be cleaned from the bobbin area. Use a dry cloth to remove most of it. Canned air can be used carefully-don't blow the lint down into the machine.Clean the lint from between the feed dogs. I use a screw driver to do this.
The best reference is the manual that comes with your machine. You can get a copy of the manual on-line. Search "sewing machine manual". Choose from the different sewing machine companies listed.
Change your needle regularly, at least after each quilt or garment. Use the type of needle made for the type of sewing you do. Use a good quality thread to reduce the lint.
These simple to do cleaning steps can delay trips to your dealer for more serious repairs.
If your machine needs to be oiled, use only sewing machine oil and use it sparingly in the holes provided. Your manual will show you where to oil it.

May Ugly Quilt Contest....

I want to see your UGLIEST quilts! And I'm talking U.G.L.Y!!

Send me pictures of your UGLY quilts, or even just the blocks that were soooo ugly that you never finished them!

We want to see them. Winner will get your choice of a View & Do Shape or Starmaker and an assortment of patterns to accompany your choice.

Send pictures and stories HERE

List Your Event....

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Kaye On TV....

We get a lot of phone calls and emails asking where to find Kaye on their TV. The simple answer is we don't know, (sorry). Here's what to do. Call your PBS, cable and satellite providers and ask them. If they don't show it, ask them to add it to their lineup. Our shows are called Kaye's Quilting Friends and Quilting The Kaye Wood Way.

Did You Know - Blocking a Quilt....

Do you know how to block a quilt? When you take the time to block your quilt, it allows you to square up your corners, so that it will hang flatter when it is displayed. Blocking also allows you to straighten and square up uneven edges on your quilt, and can help make your applique stand out more. There are two different ways to block your quilts, wet or dry. When you dry block it, it means the quilt is completely dry when you pin it into the shapes and dimensions you want. You will have to add moisture though, in one of these ways:
A commercial steamer.
Passing your steam iron over it.
Spraying it with a spray bottle.
When you have a project that is need of just a bit of shaping or adjustment, dry blocking would work the best.
When you wet block, you immerse your quilt in water and put it on a gentle spin. Then you either pin it to a blocking board or a rug on the floor, depending on the size of your quilt. Wet blocking works best for quilts that need a lot of shaping, such as applique quilts or blocks that have been quilted. When wet, the fibers are easier to pull into the shape you need. Whether you use the wet or dry method, pinning your quilt is the most important part of this process. When you pin the quilt, the pins hold it in the shape you want it to be in, while it dries. Your pins have to be less than 1" apart so that your edges don't become scalloped. It is also important to allow complete and thorough drying time, while your quilt is pinned in place. You will be amazed how much easier it will be to hang your quilt evenly after this process.

I think that's all for this week. Have a great week. We hope you enjoyed our Blocks For The Brave Quilts. To See More From This Wonderful Organization, Go HERE

from The staff at Kaye Wood, Inc!