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Quilting The Kaye Wood Way, Week of 1.26.11. Another Blog Giveaway, More Contests and Much More!

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Quilting the Kaye Wood Way
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Hi Quilters,

Lake Havasu City, AZ was great! It is really an interesting place, beginning with the real London Bridge, which we drove over. The first day, I taught a Quilting the Kaye Wood Teacher Certification class. We now have 5 new Certified Teachers. The second day, I gave a 3 hour lecture/demo/trunk show. Because I drove to this event, I was able to take more quilts with me than I usually take. But for quilters, there can never be too many quilts.
During this time, I was able to share many of my quick piecing techniques that make quiltmaking so simple. One of the comments I usually get is "I know I can do this-you make it so easy".
The third day was a sit-and-sew to make my pattern, "A-maze-ing". It was fun to see all of the different fabrics the quilters had chosen. Each one looked great and oh so different.
I had the same room for all of my classes. We were almost under the London Bridge, had lots of windows and lot of natural and artificial light.
Many thanks to the quilters who helped to make this event a success.
I'm at the Phoenix Show at the Arizona State Fairgrounds this week.
Stop by and see us - booth numbers 602 and 603...

On Sale This Week....
Any Lazy Girl Pattern is half price with purchase of the Lazy Girl Designs Tips DVD!

This handy 60 minute DVD features a collection of 7 techniques to help make your Lazy Girl projects a success.

Featured techniques:

  • Sew easy zipper
  • Embellishing with ribbons
  • Cutting oversized pieces
  • No-fear zipper
  • Mock felted purse
  • Tips for turning
  • Sturdy shoulder straps

How Do I Get My Half Price Patterns?
First, order the DVD, HERE, then go to our Lazy Girl pages, HERE and pick out your patterns! We will give you the 50% discount on the patterns when we process your order in the office!

PLUS.... one lucky customer will receive a FREE package of Lazy Girl labels for your projects!

What else is on sale?

More shelf clearing is happening. Keep checking back....

Show Me The Sale Items!

Congratulations, Mary! You got your order free this week.

New Items In Our Shop....

New - Talking Patterns from Londa's Creative Threads!

Check them ALL out HERE

Creative Jacket Journey DVD
Creative Jacket Journey - Two DVD's in case. 4 hrs, 46 mins of instruction in designing, fitting, constructing and embellishing 2 different jackets. (See a clip from this video on KayeWoodTV.com)

Genesis Too Talking Jacket Pattern
Genesis Too features a classic cardigan neckline created from the sweatshirt's lower ribbing.

Worthy Jacket Talking Jacket Pattern
Worthy is angular and asymmetrical, and grazing the high hip. This is a great sweatshirt conversion jacket destined to flatter all figure types.

Sweet Victory
Linda Everhart of Among Friends creates this original design with full color instructions with photos as well as diagrams, and full sizes paper pieces. Uses "FUSIQUE", Lindas innovative high tech process of fused reverse applique.

Check out the above and more of our new designs on our What's New Page!
Today On KayeWoodTV.com!

Join us as Londa, from Londa's Creative Threads demonstrates her knitted hem tip from her DVD on Creating Jackets.

Watch Londa!

Then come on over to our New Page and get the whole DVD, today.

Show & Tell....

Here is my grandson's I Spy quilt for his 3rd birthday. His love of Elmo was the inspiration. I was lucky enough to purchase a Sesame Street charm pack from the US on Ebay (we can't get the fabric here in New Zealand) and found Elmo and Ernie in the "Quilting with the Muppet's" book. The quilt design was my own. Lucas really loves his quilt.....Sandy

To see the rest of our Show & Tell Entries, go to our Community Tab at the top of our page and then click on the Show & Tell box!

Quilting the Kaye Wood Way Tip of the Month for January
Use the Tip of the Month to do a FREE 3-minute demo for your guild.
View the Hexagon Cutting & Sewing Video
Print out the FREE Cutting & Sewing Hexagons the easy Kaye Wood Way Tip Sheet for your members
Feature the products shown in the Tip Sheet of the Month:
Starmaker 6 Master Template
Static Stickers
Easy Hexagon Designs Book
Tips From Our Readers....

I made a label for my daughters' Wedding Quilt by printing one of their wedding pictures on printable fabric and including my information....Jeane

I have taken a lot of classes over the years and heard teachers give their reasons for washing and not washing cottons for quilts. My mom and grandmother always washed their fabrics so I just did the same. About 4 years ago I bought some fabric to make a quilt at a local shop and two weeks later I bought some other fabric to go with it at another local quilt store here in Cincinnati. Both pieces came out of the washer solid gray. Trust me they did not go in that way. I have sewn for 40 years and this is the first time I have ever seen that and both pieces were bought about two weeks apart. Both stores cheerfully took the pieces back and gave me my money. One store's representative said the bolt must have skipped the last step to seal the fabric color in. I don't know if it is true but I learned right there to always wash my fabric. Can you imagine if you made the quilt, washed it and had all these gray pieces in a your beautiful quilt. It would be ruined! Or even worse gave it away and they washed it.... Phyllis

We want your tips....

Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you, that you'd like to share? We are always open to new things and would love to hear about them! Just e-mail your tip to me at the address below, and it will find a place in our newsletter! terrye@kayewood.com?subject=sharewithus


Rocky Mountain Sew Expo

Held every year in February & July. Sign up for our e-newsletter and get the latest info about Workshops, Seminars, Vendors, Attractions and more.

Organizing Bobbins....

How do you keep your bobbins organized is the question we asked you last week. Wow are you readers on your toes!

Here are some of the answers:

  • Clear Plastic Bobbin Boxes
  • Bobbin Holders (these attach to the top of the spool of thread to keep colors together)
  • Fishing Tackle Boxes
  • Foam Toe Pedicure Separators
  • Little Ziplock Snack BagsLet me know HERE

Thanks for all your answers!

Blog Giveaway....

Hey! We've got another giveaway going on over on our blog.

Click on over to find out how to enter!



We Have A Winner....

Congratulations Carol from Florida, The name of Kaye's new quilt, as you suggested is Brick Path. As soon as we have a downloadable version available, we'll send it to you!

You've come through in the past, and now it's time to step up again! this is one of Kaye's new babies (to the left), but she needs a name. Put your quilty thinking caps on and let us know! Whoever we choose as a winner will receive a free pattern, via email, when they are ready! Now, this contest will only run 1 more week. The pattern is ready to go, she just needs a name.

Next Up....

Kaye's newest quilt which she calls her "Pink Thing". She has used her View & Do Circle Shapes for this one. I know you all can think of a better name.

How about some names? Same deal applies, we'll run this contest for a week or two and then the reader who suggests the winning name gets a free copy!

Let me know HERE what you're suggestion is....

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January's Project/Contest....

One more week to be included in the contest....

Send in pictures of your quilts, wallhangings, pillows, placemats, tablerunners... whatever you've made using Kaye's Shapes, Tools and Templates. Get creative! Just because it's a quilt pattern doesn't mean it has to end up as a quilt! This contest will end on January 31st, so hurry! Don't think you can make the deadline? That's ok, keep sewing because we'll offer this again during the year!

Email me the pictures, and the story behind your project and you could win your choice of one of Kaye's Tools, Templates or Shapes along with a selection of patterns specially designed for that item.

January Blahs....

Here are a few tips to help fight those doldrums! Try them out! They certainly can't hurt and who knows? They might just help!

Wrap up and go for a brisk walk or try a winter sport. Exercise is a sure fire way to beat the blues in any weather!
Learn something new. Start a new hobby and make a new friend.
Wear bright colors. Adding color to your life, will really give you a lift!
Bring color into where you live. Paint a room, buy flowers, anything to set a cheerful tone.
Be good to you! Eat right, sleep in, take time for that long bubble bath, anything to give yourself a little lift!
Don't seclude yourself! It might not be the best weather for visiting, but some days are decent to go out.
Call a friend or family member. A nice, long gab session keeps you in touch!



Our Reader's Favorite January Colors....

Marge likes red and lavender

Donna prefers yellow and blue

and Teena goes for the bright yellows, oranges and reds.

What does Kaye like? The jewel tones of teals and purples have always been at the top of her list!

Wow! I think that's all for this week!

Have a great week, remember, winter won't last forever!

from The staff at Kaye Wood, Inc!

Blog Giveaway, New Patterns and a New DVD!

Up First -

Another blog giveaway!

This giveaway ends 1.31.11 so hurry!


Creative Jacket Journey DVD - http://www.kayewood.com/new

Creative Jacket Journey - Two DVD's in case. 4 hrs, 46 mins of instruction in designing, fitting, constructing and embellishing 2 different jackets

  • Design principles for creative sewing decisions
  • TWO techniques for flattering FIT
  • Logical sequence of design and stitching steps
  • When and where to stabilize edges
  • Embellishment ideas: how-to’s, which to use, which to save for future projects
  • Edge, hem and neckline finishes
  • Bias properties utilized to full potential
  • What to do – when you’re “stuck”
  • Taking control. . .letting and HEARING the fabric “TALK” to you!

Features Londa's Talking Patterns

Worthy Talking Pattern - http://www.kayewood.com/new

Worthy is angular and asymmetrical, and grazing the high hip. This is a great sweatshirt conversion jacket destined to flatter all figure types.

PLAY with this pattern, with the goal being the creation of a wonderful one-of-a-kind comfortable jacket WORTHY of you!

Enjoy playing the role of designer, and creator as you easily learn Londa's techniques delivered to you in every way possible:

  • Read the printed directions, now with the most important photos printed
  • See every step of the process with 142 photos posted online at the associated web page as given inside this booklet.
  • Hear Londa's directions! It's like she's right there with you, telling you what to do step-by-step along with each photo.

This creative experience assumes a medium to advanced skill level of sewing.

Sweet Victory Pattern - http://www.kayewood.com/new

Size 36" x 36"

Linda Everhart of Among Friends creates this original design with full color instructions with photos as well as diagrams, and full sizes paper pieces. Uses "FUSIQUE", Lindas innovative high tech process of fused reverse applique. It's so easy, and fast too; create this Sweet Victory wallhanging in a weekend or less.

Better yet, left-over cut outs from the first quilt can make the alternate quilt shown!

To see this technique demonstrated with Linda's Victorian Elegance pattern, Click here


New Line of Home Dec, Wearable Art and Quilt and Wallhanging Patterns in Our Store!

New line of home dec, wearable art and quilting and sewing designs in our store. Help us to welcome Lila Tueller designs. Fresh, sassy, funky, flashy and splashy. These designs will speak to your style and help to transform your rooms into bright energetic spaces! Click HERE to view Lila Tueller's Designs now in our shop!

ABC Quilt - New on KayeWoodTV.com!

Click over to watch Kaye use her View & Do Diamond Shape to fussy-cut these cute blocks!

Perfect for a child's room, or pick any focal fabric to fussy-cut. Kayes' pattern makes cutting and sewing these blocks together easy!

Click HERE to watch the ABC Quilt Demonstration

Quilting The Kaye Wood Way Newsletter, Week of `1.5.11! Do Your New Year's Resolutions Include More Quilting?

Do your New Year's Resolutions include more quilting?

Of course they do! And we've got just the thing for you.

Get a jump start on your spring and Easter projects with our "Holiday Sale". 20% off all holiday patterns (not just the spring ones!). Also, lots of new items in the shop and tons of clearance merchandise, HURT books and patterns, "one of a kind" items, and, well.. lots more. You'll have to check it out. http://www.kayewood.com/sale

 We have

  • a new contest for January
  • a free tip sheet for your quilting guild
  • a short article on using interfacing
  • and all of your favorites, including Ask Kaye, Reader's Show and Tell, Reader's Funny Stories and more.

Go here for the colorful version!: http://www.kayewood.com/newsletter.html And be sure to let us know if you need anything! We declare 2011 to be The Year Of The Quilt!!