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Quilting the Kaye Wood Way

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Hi Quilters,

Kaye would like to thank you for all of your emails, blog comments and personal notes expressing condolences. They are much appreciated.

In usual form, she's back up on the horse and riding again, working on new patterns and getting ready for her next show in Houston, at the end of October!

On Sale This Week....

This week, it's all about the View & Do Shapes! For one thing, they're all on sale. Regularly priced at $19.95, until next Wednesday, they are only $14.99 each. It's a good time to complete your collection!

Pictured left to right, top to bottom
  • View & Do Set of 4 Nested Square Shapes
  • View & Do Set of 4 Nested Circle Shapes
  • View & Do Set of 4 Nested Heart Shapes
  • View & Do Set of 4 Nested Diamond Shapes
  • View & Do Set of 4 Nested Hexagon Shapes
  • View & Do Set of 4 Nested Octagon Shapes

On sale this week for only $14.99 each. But hurry, this sale is only good for a week.

Click HERE for this very rare sale!

New Contest....

This week, you can win your choice of one of the View & Do Shapes FREE. How?

Tell us how you choose colors for your quilts and quilted projects.

We'll choose one entry and the lucky submitter will get their View & Do Shape FREE.

Click HERE to tell us your color choosing methods

Choosing Colors For Your Quilting Projects....

This week I'm going to tell you how Kaye chooses colors for her quilts, but first, you have to understand that her sewing room quickly becomes a disaster area. This likely doesn't surprise any of you, however it is an innovative technique, so stay with me.

Kaye will take one or two fabrics that she wants to use for her quilts and lay them out on her table. Then she will literally grab anything and everything off the shelf to find what she likes. This technique results in some very interesting color and pattern combinations, as well as a totalled out sewing space, but no matter.

Kaye's version of this process....

I usually start with a multicolor medium to large size print. Then I pull fabrics that will coordinate, keeping in mind my color ratio-60% medium colors; 15% dark; 15% light; 10% accent color. That is just a guide line. I like a variety of size prints, stripes and blenders.

Sometimes in the midst of choosing fabrics, my multicolor print changes. Then one by one, the others change. But choosing the fabrics is almost as much fun as making the quilt.

Click HERE to tell us your color choosing methods

On KayeWoodTV.Com....

Kaye uses her View & Do Diamonds Shape to show us how to Fussy Cut Diamonds in her Diamonds of Yellowstone Pattern.

Fussy Cutting Diamonds with Kaye's View & Do Diamond Shape....

FYI: Programs are best viewed with a high speed connection.

Create Your Own Diamonds of Yellowstone Pattern using Kaye's Fussy Cutting Diamonds Technique


Also see the alternate version, Diamonds of Alaska, to the left.

Show & Tell....

I got a little carried away. The quilt ended up being 94 by 126. It was a fun project. It is Kaye’s Stacking My Blocks pattern....Diana

Tips From Our Readers....

We want your tips....

Do you have a special little tip that has worked for you, that you'd like to share? We are always open to new things and would love to hear about them! Just e-mail your tip to me at the address below, and it will find a place in our newsletter! terrye@kayewood.com?subject=sharewithus

Funny Stories From Our Readers....

When my baby boy was born I wanted to make him a textured quilt using different fabric. But as I had never made a quilt before, I thought maybe it would be too hard to use different fabrics as the seams would have different thicknesses. So I figured I would make a normal quilt and applique it with different fabrics so I would end up with different textures. I found this great tutorial on appliqued circles and thought this would be perfect. I could not spend much time on the sewing machine because of the baby so a little hand sewing would be good. Well, the hand sewing probably would be great but until now I have not gotten that far. In order to applique the circles, freezer paper and spray starch is used. So there is alot of pressing to do. Pressing again isn't something I can really do with the baby around. When I FINALLY had the chance to do some of the circles I had to figure out that the whole tutorial works great for regular cotton quilting fabric - but not really well for other fabrics. There I was with my circles that did not want to stay where they were supposed to be. That is the quilt as it is at the moment. My baby is now already 7 months old and for him to be able to enjoy his texture quilt I really would have to hurry and find yet another way to somehow incorporate some texture without too much trouble....Miss Muffin

Send us your funny stories! terrye@kayewood.com?subject=funny stories

Ask Kaye....

Do you have a question for our resident expert? Ask away and we'll feature it in upcoming newsletters! Also, Kaye will personally answer your questions.

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