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Finishing the Cat Quilt

Well, today was back to working on the cat quilt after a hair raising weekend.

My girlfriend came out again to supervise, shake her head at me and laugh! Got the final border sewn on; it's made out of the cat fabric. We measured first and everything was even! YAY! So, I decided I wanted to do mitered corners on the last border. Having never done one this would be an adventure. I only screwed up 1! Yeah, ripped a few stitches out and re-sewed them and SHAZAM, perfect mitered corner. Then I proceeded to cut all the strings off the front of the quilt. I had visions of : OMG I cut through the quilt! No-o-o-o. OK, that didn't happen thankfully

Then it was time to sew a back together. No problemo, chica. Pfft, yeah right. See, I bought this really great fabric for the back and it happened to be on sale so I bought all that was left on the bolt, about 7 yards. It's a medium tan with some creamy spots in a garbled pattern. In other words, it works. SO, sewed it together then  looked at it. OMG, NO-o--o-o--o!!! YES!!! There was a tear and some small holes in the fabric! Argh-h-h-h-h, gnashing of teeth. Both of us were shocked because you couldn't really see the flaws and we checked twice. Obviously I must need a new optometrist. Anyway, I had enough left over so we could redo that 1 piece. Since my friend is going back to the fabric shop this week she's taking the flawed piece to show them and ask what the heck. Those flaws weren't visible at the store and the bolt had no indication they existed.

No matter, the top and back are D-O-N-E. We cut batting and boxed it up to give to my other friend to quilt it for me. She owns a Statler Stitcher and said she has a purrrfect pattern for the quilt. I say, AWESOME, since I've never done any machine quilting and am just now beginning to practice some and I wanted it to look great for my great niece. I didn't want to have to tell her the quilt pattern was Great Aunt Lost Her Mind and was Clueless. HA!

Also cut and straightened the main hockey rink panel..someone tell me WHY Robert Kaufman didn't print that thing straight!? So, that's my next project.

Stay tuned for pucks-a-flyin' when I start to work on the hockey quilts!


Pamela said:

You've gotta show us a picture of the quilt.

# October 8, 2012 7:26 PM

JodyS said:

I will when I get it back. There's a picture in a previous post. The only thing missing from that picture was the final border. We were in such a hurry yesterday to get it boxed up to go we didn't even think of it!

# October 9, 2012 5:53 AM