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Where Am I This Week?

Where am I this week? At my home in the Northwest suburbs of Chicago. I'll be here until Friday morning and then it's back home to the woods in Michigan. No quilting to be done however, I'll be going through things that I still need to pack and move to Michigan. It's a busy week though.

I'll be wandering over to Vogue fabrics ( ) their flagship store in Evanston, IL. It's HUGE!!! How big? Well, the address is 718 through 732 Main St.! (They say over half a block long but it's a Chicago block which equaled almost 2 blocks where I grew up). They also have a big store in Chicago's South Loop and a wholesale Warehouse for "buy the bolt" shopping in Evanston. It's a dangerous place meaning much money can get spent very easily! All the people that work there are incredibly helpful and I love that it's laid out somewhat like an old fashioned store: monster bins of fabric along will a zillion bolts. I can get lost in there. You can also buy online and have your fabric shipped or if you're in the area go pick it up at one of the stores. This store has been around since 1945 and is in the 3rd generation of being family owned. Their motto is "Keep America Sewing" They have fabric for any kind of sewing.

The rest of the week is going out to some awesome restaurants, visiting the Doctor, shopping and packing stuff to take up North. I will be glad to get back though and finish my cat quilt!