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Just thought to put down what's going on with my learning to quilt...again. The last time I quilted I was 12 years old; that was 47 years ago! Needless to say much has changed. I'm acquiring all the tools and learning to use them. At the momenet I'm working on 3 small quilts. One is for my great neice and focuses on cats. The other two are the same for my great nephews and focus on hockey. So far I've cut and sewn some of the cat blocks. I can tell the best thing is NOT to get frustrated. This is a long process and nothing has to be perfect...I just have to learn and have FUN!

So, I'll try and put down my crazy, serious, fun and hair-ripping thoughts as I go along. I'll also attempt to post some pictures of my progress.


Suggestions, tips, shortcuts, etc. are greatly welcomed! And now, back to the basement.