IATDDED = It's A To Do Day Every Day!

I'm a list girl, I live by lists. I have to have a "to do" list. If I don't, I'm lost! Grocery list, preprinted with a box to check off what to buy. UFO list, a want to quilt list, cleaning list, prayer list and a to do list for work.

Card Trick
Well, this past week has been absolutely crazy! 20 people at my home for Easter, Friday through Sunday. Off Friday for family coming in, played all weekend with grandkids and family. Cards, dominos, golf with the kids in the front yard and washers. Oh the food all weekend, BBQ, hamburgers n dogs. Monday was a day to visit dentist for regular check up and then late afternoon app't with endocrinologist. Got sick on the way home and had to take Tuesday off! So, needless to say, this is a short work week for me. I finally, yes finally got March birthday block swap finished for the March birthday girl in our quilting group. Posting a pic. The first one was not quite 12.5 unfinished. Can't send her an offsize block so did it all over and glad I did. That's what happens when you loan your quarter inch foot out and dont' get it back in time. So now this weekend, I can concentrate on finishing a baby quilt to send to Austrailia (will post pic later). And I can focus on packing for the quilt retreat in Wacko, Tx April 11 - 14. What to work on? Hmm, I guess a good thing would be my nephew and his bride's wedding quilt. The blocks are complete, the rows are complete. Just need to finish sewing the rows and sashing for the rows. They have only been married 2 years now. It's a kingsize quilt.
Published Fri, Apr 5 2013 11:20 AM by Jeana
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