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  • Keepsake Quilting Challenge Quilt Contest: "Fiction Comes to Life." Create the quilt described in Jennie Nash's novel, The Threadbare Heart, and win Keepsake gift certificates, a "Book Club in a Box" and the chance to have your quilt become a Keepsake Quilting Quilt Kit. Check out details at www.jennienash.com.


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What's the Oldest Piece of Fabric in Your Stash?

My novel, The Threadbare Heart, has a character at the center who hoards her fabric. Lily hates to cut into anything -- to commit to it -- because once she does, all the OTHER possibilities for that piece of fabric fall away. Of course it stands to reason that some of the fabric in Lily's stash is very old! She's had one piece of lace, which she inherited from her grand-mother, for 38 years. What's the oldest piece of fabric in your stash? Tell us your story -- and whichever quilter has the oldest piece will win a signed copy of The Threadbare Heart. (Answer here by clicking "Comment" or answer in the Story of My Stash Group Discussion.)

And if you're ready to dig into your stash and bring a fictional quilt to life, check out the Keepsake Quilting "Fiction Comes to Life" contest, inspired by my novel. Details at www.jennienash.com