Small blessings...

So I had surgery on my left foot last October and after months of stumbling around, wrapping, elevating, sporting the oh-so-attractive orthopedic shoe, etc. I was finally on the home stretch of recovery -- even able to walk the dog painlessly and, equally as important (maybe more but don't tell the dog), sit at the machine and sew.  I had a 4 month quilting hiatus for lack of use of my pedal foot....but I was back!!!! 

And then, I stepped off a stair step in a wonky way and ended up fracturing my foot in two places.  Seriously????  Yes.  Seriously.  So now I'm back in the ugly ortho shoe but elevating doesn't seem to be crucial so at least I can sew (too bad for Daphne, the dog, though because I can't do the marathon walks she's so dependent on).

We have a wedding to attend in a couple weeks and I'm trying to find a dress that looks good with my orthopedic shoe.  Hmmmm.  Don't guess that's going to happen!  Oh well, if enough champagne flows, nobody (including me) will care.  I'm married to my designated driver so all is well.

Happy Quilting!


Published Tue, Mar 19 2013 8:06 PM by jeanne marie c.