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Oregon Retreat

I'd like more information about the Oregon retreat, too, and am unable to find a section under "Groups" for "Retreats".  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks!


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Pajaro Valley Quilt Show

So I went to the show yesterday in Watsonville.  It's a fairly small show but very nice.  Naturally I was inspired!  My downfall is the "Flea Market" room where you can buy fabric by the pound.  I tried really hard to resist but....well, I ended up with just 4 lbs of fabric.  The real treasure was finding a plastic bag with a quilt already cut out -- beautiful Thimbleberries fabrics.  No idea what the pattern is, but I'll figure something out!   I also picked up some patterns (25 cents each!) and a beautiful book of stars.  I LOVE stars!  More projects...more happiness!  Happy Quilting.


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Pajaro Valley Quilt Assn. Show

I'm going to the PVQA show in Watsonville, CA  this weekend (most likely on Saturday).  Anyone in the club planning to attend?

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Scraps Scraps & Scraps

I love making scrappy quilts.  Because I do some paper piecing,  I tend to keep even the smallest leftovers.  Not being able to close the drawers on my scraps, I went through them all and cut up everything that was less than a 1/4 yard into 2 1/2" squares.  First up is a quilt called Film at Five that uses hundreds of those little squares.  It feels so good to whittle down the scrap drawers and end up with something lovely!  I'm excited about this one...will post a picture when it's completed!


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